Randa 2011 KDevelop Meeting



  • get up with an agenda


requirements for plugins in extragear/kdevelop/*:

  • kdereview
  • maintainer
  • releasable
  • unit tests (and none failing)

plugins to merge:

  • kdevplatform/
    • controlflowgraph
      • TODO: investigate status, get out of kdereview
    • execute script
      • TODO: investigate status, get into kdereview
  • kdevelop/
    • qmake
      • TODO: Milian: investigate status, get into kdereview
  • kdevelop/plugins/
    • merge php/php-docs
      • TODO: Milian
    • css
      • TODO: investigate status, get into kdereview
    • execute browser
      • TODO: investigate status, get into kdereview
    • xdebug
      • TODO: investigate status, get into kdereview

notes on /plugins:

  • not a single big repo (devs against it)
  • TODO: document easy "build-all" process on techbase

note for developers: kdevplatform API breakages must be fixed in every stable repo, i.e. everything in https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/kdevelop must be compiling

Build Bot & Unit Testing

  • Get a build bot running
    • either on every commit (much work)
    • or at least once a day (single to implement)
  • Get a unit test bot running
    • requirements:
      • no failing unit tests (XFAIL is OK)
      • no agressive performance tests (time limit, memory limit, ...)
  • investigate cdash

ask PovAddict on his build bot + unit tests


  • try to rebase gluoncreator on kdevplatform
  • put improvements into the platform
    • plugin based diff-viewer (i.e. to compare designer files, images, ...)
    • improved history viewer (timeline, ...)
  • alternatively try to reuse parts of kdevplatform in gluoncreator
    • problem: kdevplatform (rightly so!) expect full kdevplatform availability








  • wrap up & leave home

Discussion TODO

not so controversial

  • [DONE] merge control flow into kdevplatform
  • [DONE] merge qmake into kdevelop
  • [DONE] extra-plugins module: css, execute-script, execute-browser, andreas' custom project manager, ...
  • gluon integration


  • browser-like tabs
  • welcome page
  • drag&drop
  • merge aliex's thesis work

very controversial

  • destroy areas
  • chromium-like UI


  • remove/disable/fix failing unit tests
  • discuss browser-like tabs, presentation by niko?
  • discuss plasma-welcome-page, presentation by aleix?
  • look at/merge: controlflowgraph, valgrind, qmake, css, executescript, executebrowser
  • discuss close view on delete file, rename view on rename file
  • fix QWarnings (esp. timer issues etc.)
  • discuss switching branch -> reload files
  • extend drag'n'drop support (esp. toolviews, ...)
  • go through review requests
  • port mailing list to kde infrastructure
  • pluginsmodule
  • website contents
    • promotion stuff
  • krunner (session)
  • extended cli support (open in existing instance)
    • extended dbus interface

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