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This page is intended for power users and developers


  • C++ compiler
  • Qt 4.5 or newer

Get the source code

See the Download page. Download Predicate source code as explained on the Download page. The root directory of the source code will be referred as {predicate-source-dir}.

Build recipe

For your convenience, cmakepredicate.sh script has been prepared with default configuration settings. You can find it in tools/ subdirectory of the source code. Use it as follows:

mkdir {predicate-build-dir}

You can set $PREDICATE_INSTALL_PREFIX environment.

Better pick your {predicate-build-dir} outside of the source code.

cd {predicate-build-dir}
{predicate-source-dir}/tools/cmakepredicate.sh {predicate-source-dir}

You need to type the above command only once, to configure the cmake-based buildsystem. Then just type:

 make install

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