KDE e.V./Sprint2011

This page is for planning of the first KDE e.V. sprint to be held in November 2011. For date, location, and list of participants see https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/31


The goal of this sprint is to bring together a group of active KDE people to get work done on the most important topics concerning KDE e.V. It's meant as a step and model towards scaling our ability to work on KDE e.V. activities beyond what the board is doing.

We need to support KDE e.V. in its three-fold mission of representing, supporting, and providing governance to the community. Our current strategy is to promote the value of KDE software and the KDE community and its underlying values to individuals and corporations to get financial and practical support. The primary focus of our activities to support the community is to enable people to have productive face-to-face time. Our main activities in this area are Akademy and sprints.

To support our activities we need to intensify our efforts to build a network and ecosystem of individuals and organizations which share our interests and values. This will strengthen our community and broaden the scope and potential of what we are doing and are able to do in the future.


Saturday, 19th November

9:00 Welcome and start of sprint, common session to get an overview about the topics and to form small breakout groups for specific topics.

10:00 Breakout groups for specific topics

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Common session to check on the groups, possibly rearrange groups

14:30 Breakout groups

18:00 Common session to review first results

18:30 End of first day

19:00 Dinner

Sunday, 20th November

9:00 Common session to form small breakout groups for specific topics.

9:30 Breakout groups for specific topics

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Common session to review results

14:30 Breakout groups

18:00 Common session to review results

18:30 End of sprint

19:00 Dinner

Most important topics

Join the game campaign

The "Join the game" campaign is our current campaign to acquire new individual supporting members. Individual supporting members are an essential part of our support, as their support is stable and we have a huge base of people out there, who like KDE and are potential supporting members.

  • Join the Game website -> Emil Sedgh?
    • fixing remaining problems (Claudia has a list)
    • add recurring payments for Paypal
  • Join the Game promo -> Claudia Rauch
    • ideas to promote the program
    • ideas how to sustain members and get them to promote it to their friends
    • what happens with members that stop their payments? ideas how to draw them back in/make payment easier

Desired results of sprint:

  • Functional web site http://jointhegame.kde.org, which can be used as a base for an online campaign
  • Action plan for online campaign
  • talking points for people who attend FLOSS events
  • a slide that KDE speakers should include in their talks

Corporate supporting membership program

The corporate supporting membership is one of our biggest source of income. It relies on a small number of supporters, though. We need to broaden the base, acquire new corporate supporters, and actively manage good relationships with them.

  • corporate supporting membership program material and patron's forum -> Till Adam
    • finish/rework introductory material
    • define goals/tasks/expectations of patron forum
    • define/set-up what corporate partners get in return (mailing list for patrons, jobs list, ?)
    • set-up of initial website

Desired results of sprint:

  • Material we can send to potential new members
  • Action plan for patron's forum, ideally with a team behind it
  • Web page on http://ev.kde.org explaining the program

Thank you page policy

We get quite a bit of support from various parties in form of goods or services. We are missing a structured way to recognize this support and thank them. The current page is at http://www.kde.org/community/donations/past_sponsors.php and it contains support going back to KDE 1.0, but is not complete. We need a policy which says who is listed how long and in which way, so we can more easily maintain this page, and give recognition to our supporters. As we get quite a bit of support in form of goods or services this is important.

Desired results of sprint:

  • Policy for "thank you" page
  • Up to date version of page
  • Action plan how to maintain the page, ideally with team behind it

Budget and goals 2012

The main responsibility of KDE e.V. and the board in particular is to define a budget for KDE e.V.'s work. As we are approaching the end of the year we need to come up with a budget for 2012 based on the goals we want to reach next year.

Desired results of sprint:

  • Document outlining the strategy and goals of KDE e.V. for 2012
  • Draft for budget 2012


Sprints are our main activity to support actual software development. They are essential all over the community to get work done, and are in itself a demonstration for the value of KDE's community and the software it creates. Sprints are also our main expense. We have to responsibly manage them to make the best use of our resources.

  • sprints.kde.org (make it full-featured enough to support the whole sprint planning process) -> Emil Sedgh?

Desired results of sprint:

  • Plan how to run the sprints in 2012
  • Guidelines for financial support of sprints

Important topics

Formalizing task forces

  • formalizing of task forces -> Till Adam
    • work out a process and structure for task forces in the e.V. and document them
    • list areas where we should have task forces and who could be on them

Trademark policy

  • research/evaluate existing policies
  • draft one for KDE and propose it

New members questionnaire

  • brainstorm what is wrong with the current one
  • draft a new one and propose it to membership

Other topics

  • organization of country KDE associations and country-oriented confs
  • SugarCRM setup -> ?
  • KDE swag
    • brainstorm ideas and discuss if this could be a source of revenue for the e.V.

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