KDE e.V./Sprint2011

This page is for planning of the first KDE e.V. sprint to be held at the end of 2011.

See also https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/31

What and who?

probably going to happen

  • Join the Game website -> Emil Sedgh?
    • fixing remaining problems (Claudia has a list)
    • add recurring payments for Paypal
  • Join the Game promo -> Claudia Rauch
    • ideas to promote the program
    • ideas how to sustain members and get them to promote it to their friends
    • what happens with members that stop their payments? ideas how to draw them back in/make payment easier
  • formalizing of task forces -> Till Adam
    • work out a process and structure for task forces in the e.V. and document them
    • list areas where we should have task forces and who could be on them
  • corporate supporting membership program material and patron's forum -> Till Adam
    • finish/rework introductory material
    • define goals/tasks/expectations of patron forum
    • define/set-up what corporate partners get in return (mailing list for patrons, jobs list, ?)
    • set-up of initial website
  • trademark policy -> ?
    • research/evaluate existing policies
    • draft one for KDE and propose it
  • thank you page and policy -> ?
  • revise new membership questionaire -> ?
    • brainstorm what is wrong with the current one
    • draft a new one and propose it to membership

probably not going to happen

  • organization of country KDE associations and country-oriented confs
  • SugarCRM setup -> ?
  • sprints.kde.org (make it full-featured enough to support the whole sprint planning process) -> Emil Sedgh?


19/20 Nov. 2011


Berlin, KDAB office

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