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The portal for the "Join the game" campaign is the web site http://jointhegame.kde.org. This purpose of this page is to collect open issues with the site, so we can address them and coordinate work.

Public part

  • The front page doesn't show what the site is about on the first sight. Can we add a "Join the game. Become a supporting member of KDE e.V." somewhere or something like that?
  • The front page doesn't have a "Sign up now" button. The "join the game" text leads to it, but it's not very obvious. Can we make this more obvious?
  • I'm not sure the horizontal scrolling thing works to well. The greyed out texts looks a bit odd. Why would we want to hide info which is already there? It's also not possible to click them. Maybe we shouldn't show the inactive panes at all?
  • The white text on the green background is hard to read. Maybe using a more bold font or a different background color?
  • There is some loading process show on the top left when loading a new page. Is this some debuggin left-over?
  • The signup form is a bit intimidating. Can we make this a bit more friendly and easy to access? What about these changes:
    • Get rid of the account creation and verification at the beginning. Can we just send people a mail, when they have signed up? This would make it much more easy to sign up.
    • Could we put the personal data on one pane and put the text explaining why we need the address at the top, preferably in black on white, so that it's better readable.
    • In the finalize and submit step do we need more than the checkbox for publishing the name? I don't think we need the proceed charges checkbox, and also the terms on conditions checkbox doesn't seem to be strictly necessary.
  • Support for recurring Paypal payments
  • Password recovery function is missing
  • Add a way for changing the email address
  • the page is not fitting on a 1024px wide display. the first instructions on join.php are partly cut off. (not really a criteria, but mentioning it nevertheless)
  • The breadcrumb "Join the game" on join.php is not clickable.
  • The site doesn't really work on the Android browser, I suppose due to the Javascript magic for switching the panes
  • The box explaining how to use web site at the top right is weird. If we have to explain how the site works, there clearly is something wrong with the user interface.

Admin area

  • We need a simple way in the web interface to mark, who has paid what and when. This is pretty important as we are getting payments now and we have to make sure that we track this correctly.
  • We need to be able to create new member data sets in the admin interface to track those members who haven't signed up via the web. This also is very important to have soon.
  • Some summary numbers about how many members we have would be good.
  • The styling seems to have some problem. Could we just use a simple white page for the admin stuff. At the moment the text is rendered on the background with an empty green rectangle floating around somewhere.
  • Showing the members in reverse chronological order and adding some paging also would be nice.
  • We need timestamps for when data was created and modified

Proposed area for logged in members

The my membership page looks good. A few comments:

  • I would remove the cancellation section and just add a sentence: "To cancel your membership send an email to [email protected]"
  • Do we gain anything by having the address split up in several fields? One field for the address label would make it easier to have the right formatting of international addresses, or do we have code which generates a correctly formatted address label for shipping?
  • The payment details should be ordered the other way around, most recent payment first.
  • Do we need the title in the personal data? Would be simpler without it.
  • I would love to have a way for members to enter a statement about why they joined as a supporting member, and permission to publish these statements. We could then use a selection of them as testimonials on the front page. This is a great way to give the program more credibility and create the feeling for potential new members that they are joining a vibrant group.

The my benefits has a couple of good ideas. Comments:

  • I like the promotions section. It needs a bit of work from our side, but it would be great to set up something along these lines.
  • The messages part should probably contain the news feed from ev.kde.org. Maybe it would also be nice to either integrate the dot.kde.org feed or show that separately, maybe in an extra column.
  • The pools and opinions section also is a great idea. Again needs a bit of work, but would certainly be beneficial.
  • The "Write to KDE e.V." box should not only say "questions" but also comments and other feedback. We probably should put a mailing list behind that, so we can share the load of answering the incoming messages.
  • We need to provide the "supporter of KDE" logo to our members for use on their own websites. Some HTML snippet for copy and paste would be nice.
  • It would be great to have some "membership acquisition package" which provides material for members to spread the word to other people and acquire new members. This would include PDFs of the promotion flyer, the membership application form, maybe the posters. It would also be great to have a way to apply for paper versions of that, so we can send flyers to people at events, etc. The downloadable stuff probably belongs to the front page, not the member page, though.


  • We should enable https for the membership area
  • Need an electronic confirmation for the payments
  • Automated payment reminder is needed
  • Automated answer with info that it might take a while before you get your package
  • privacy policy?

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