KDE at QCS/QCS 2012

KDE at the Qt Contributors Summit

The Qt Contributors Summit 2012 is happening in Berlin from 21-23 June.

For last years notes see http://community.kde.org/KDE_at_QCS/QCS_2011.


Please add your name if you are attending QCS, indicating if you are also representing another organisation or company.

We are unable to provide t-shirts, please bring your own to raise the KDE profile. The blue "Part of the solution" t-shirts are recommended.

Please indicate if you could attend a KDE meet-up/dinner on the Wednesday evening to discuss plans.

We understand that many KDE attendees will firstly be representing your employer, but will appreciate your contribution from a KDE perspective whenever possible.

QCS Attendees
Name Dates attending Representing Hotel Wed Dinner? Comments
John Layt 20-23 June KDE Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof Yes
Boudewijn Rempt 20-23 June KDE/KO GmbH Ibis Berlin Mitte No
Lydia Pintscher 21-23 June KDE - Probably not -
Volker Krause 21-23 June KDAB - Possibly -
Patrick Spendrin 21-22 June KDAB - No -
Cornelius Schumacher 20-22 June KDE Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof No
BogDan Vatra 20-23 June KDE (Necessitas) Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof No
Albert Astals Cid 20-23 June Canonical Ibis Berlin Mitte I get to Tegel airport at 20:25 so unless it's a late dinner, can't do it
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen 20-23 June KDE (Gluon)/KO GmbH Baxpax Downtown Hostel Yes
Laszlo Papp 21-23 June KDE/Symbio - No

Session Topics

The planned sessions are listed on the QCS Wiki Program. Further sessions will be added in unconference style.

Please list any sessions you would like to see from a KDE perspective, or that KDE needs to participate in.

KDE topic proposals
Topic Coordinator Comments
KDE Frameworks & Qt5 ?
Localization John Layt Includes Date/Time and Time Zones
Printing John Layt
Inqlude Cornelius Schumacher
KDE Frameworks on Harmattan Laszlo Papp
Desktop and Plasma Components ? Laszlo Papp can attend, but not coordinate

Technical Tasks

The following are technical issues KDE wants to address.

  • Printing
  • Localization
  • Date/Time/Time Zones
  • ...

Community Tasks

The following are tasks concerning the Qt Community and Open Governance that KDE wants to address.

  • Nokia and the future
  • Qt KDE Foundation goals
  • ...

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