KDE at QCS/QCS 2012

KDE at the Qt Contributors Summit

The Qt Contributors Summit 2012 is happening in Berlin from 21-23 June.

For last years notes see http://community.kde.org/KDE_at_QCS/QCS_2011.


Please add your name if you are attending QCS, indicating if you are also representing another organisation or company.

We are unable to provide t-shirts, please bring your own to raise the KDE profile. The blue "Part of the solution" t-shirts are recommended.

Please indicate if you could attend a KDE meet-up/dinner on the Wednesday evening to discuss plans.

We understand that many KDE attendees will firstly be representing your employer, but will appreciate your contribution from a KDE perspective whenever possible.

QCS Attendees
Name Dates attending Representing Hotel Wed Dinner? Comments
John Layt 20-23 June KDE Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof Not before 9pm
Boudewijn Rempt 20-23 June KDE/KO GmbH Ibis Berlin Mitte No
Lydia Pintscher 21-23 June KDE - Probably not -
Volker Krause 21-23 June KDAB - Possibly -
Patrick Spendrin 21-22 June KDAB - No -
Cornelius Schumacher 20-22 June KDE Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof No
BogDan Vatra 20-23 June KDE (Necessitas) Motel One Berlin Hauptbahnhof No
Albert Astals Cid 20-23 June Canonical Ibis Berlin Mitte I get to Tegel airport at 20:25 so unless it's a late dinner, can't do it
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen 20-23 June KDE (Gluon)/KO GmbH Baxpax Downtown Hostel Yes
Laszlo Papp 21-23 June KDE/Symbio - No
Richard Moore 20-23 June KDE / Westpoint NH Berlin Friedrichstrasse Maybe

Session Topics

The planned sessions are listed on the QCS Wiki Program. Further sessions will be added in unconference style.

Please list any sessions you would like to see from a KDE perspective, or that KDE needs to participate in.

KDE topic proposals
Topic Coordinator Comments
KDE Frameworks & Qt5 ?
Localization John Layt Includes Date/Time and Time Zones
Printing John Layt
Inqlude Cornelius Schumacher
KDE Frameworks on Harmattan Laszlo Papp
Desktop and Plasma Components ? Laszlo Papp can attend, but not coordinate

Technical Tasks

The following are technical issues KDE wants to address.

  • Printing
  • Localization
  • Date/Time/Time Zones
  • ...

Community Tasks

The following are tasks concerning the Qt Community and Open Governance that KDE wants to address.

  • Nokia and the future
  • Qt KDE Foundation goals
  • ...

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