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* Mimetype stuff
* Mimetype stuff
* Geolocation core classes
* Geolocation core classes
* Port KConfig's INI parser to QSettings
* ...
* ...

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KDE at the Qt Contributors Summit

The Qt Contributors Summit is happening in Berlin from 16-18 June.


Please add your name if you are attending QCS, indicating if you are also representing another organisation of company, and what your t-shirt size is. We will order KDE "Part of the solution" t-shirts to make the KDE presence obvious, but feel free to bring your own.

We understand that many KDE attendees will firstly be representing your employer, but will appreciate your contribution from a KDE perspective whenever possible.

QCS Attendees
Name Dates attending Representing T-Shirt Size Hotel Comments
John Layt 15-19 June KDE S Park Inn
Volker Krause 16-18 June KDAB XL
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen 15-19 Gluon XL Park Inn
Lydia Pintscher 16-18 KDE M

Session Topics

The proposed topics are listed on the QCS Wiki Topic List. Please add any sessions you think are required.

The following topics have been proposed by KDE community members:

KDE topic proposals
Topic Coordinator Comments
KDE Technology in Qt John Layt (?) Specific code and functionality we want to move into Qt
Printing John Layt
Metatype / Introspection Model Stephen Kelly
KDE & Qt Communities Corenelius Schumacher, Frederik Gladhorn

The following topics are important to the KDE community and should be attended (please add any more you think are important):

Important Topics
Topic Attendees Comments
Localization John Layt Looking at QLocale, QDateTime, maybe i18n
Build System
Platform Support
Qt Product Definition (incl Qt Addons)
Legal Training Raise questions on group code contributions
QtSql / Qt ORM Jaroslaw Staniek
KConfig vs. QSettings vs. DConf

Technical Tasks

The following are technical issues KDE wants to address.

  • Printing
  • Localization
  • Date/Time
  • KUrl stuff, KIcon stuff,
  • KAction partly. The entire problem can't be solved, but some more data fields could help
  • QLineEdit clear button
  • QCompleter not powerful enough
  • Itemviews stuff
  • Mimetype stuff
  • Geolocation core classes
  • Port KConfig's INI parser to QSettings
  • ...

Community Tasks

The following are tasks concerning the Qt Community and Open Governance that KDE wants to address.

  • Qt Addons website / CPAN for Qt
  • Building a relationship with Digia
  • ...

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