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KDE Windows/Meetings/Osnabrück Meeting Summer 2012

The KDE Windows community will meet in Osnabrück on the weekend of 3.- 5. August The meeting will take place at the Intevation offices in Osnabrück.

For organization and to participate please check the Sprint Page

Proposed Topics

  • Qt5 --> Andy?
  • KDE frameworks --> Patrick?
  • Packaging / NSIS / MSI how to integrate in emerge even better.
  • "Autoupdates" for Standalone software like Kontact / Amarok / Calligra
  • Sandboxing
  • Oxygen or a more Native look as the default?
  • Sandboxing
  • Tests / Unittests (Maybe more of a "to hack" on topic, but It would be cool if we could make better use of them)
  • Keyword system to tagging unstable software:
Gentoos emerge uses "accept keywords" to categorize versions of software into either stable, testing or experimental.
I'd like to propose a similar (but simpler) system for emerge on Windows: Add a "keyword" parameter to installation targets. If empty / not existant (current situation) that means "safe" (stable). Potentially unstable packages could then be tagged as potentially dangerous by giving them a certain keyword (like "~").
An emerge configuration option would be needed that defines the keywords that the user accepts (per default, that'd be empty - accepting all current targets but not those marked as unstable).
Developers that want to run bleeding edge software could just add the "~" keyword to the list of accepted ones and instantly move up to all the latest releases (which also makes sense as they might depend on each other).
This simple approach would not have any regressions or require a large initial "tagging" effort but would allow developers in the future to mark potentially dangerous targets leading to a nicer experience for e.g. app developers that "just want a stable base to start from".

Things to hack on

  • Update mingw-w64 to gcc 4.7 as 4.6 is required by Qt 5
  • Patch Mysql to build with mingw
  • Removing Version numbers from filenames in emerge
  • Let's build the frameworks?
  • kdewin-app-installer
  • Website

Notes from the Sprint

Portage Version

To avoid renaming and improve the "mergability" we want to remove the portage Version from the package names. We want to archive this by adding a new subinfo field to a package: portage_revision. This number should default to 0 and should be increased when changes are made to a portage file that affect the build results, similar to that of a package-revision on Linux.

We then also want to modify the following information fields to the the InstallDB (or the text file)

+ Target (the target used for the build)
+ portage_revsion ( the earlier mentioned portage_revision )
+ isDefault

And remove the current Version field.

This should allow us to handle rebuilding more intelligent

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