KDE Windows/Meetings/Osnabrück Meeting Summer 2012

The KDE Windows community will meet in Osnabrück in the Summer of 2012. This meeting is currently being organized. Once a good weekend has been found a page at http://sprints.kde.org will be created. The meeting will take place at the Intevation offices in Osnabrück.

The meeting will be organized by Andre Heinecke Sponsorship / Accommodation etc. will be organized once the sprints page is set up.

Everyone is free to join who is somehow interested in KDE Windows!

Date Finding Table (non-binding)

X: available
- (or empty): not available
?: available but troublesome

Available on
Name 20.-22.7 27.-29.7 3.-5.8 10.-12.8 17.-19.8
Andre Heinecke X X X X X
Andreas Holzammer X X X X X
Patrick von Reth - X X - -
Patrick Spendrin - X X X ?
Laszlo Papp X X X X X
Boudewijn Rempt X X X X X

Proposed Topics

  • Qt5 --> Andy?
  • KDE frameworks --> Patrick?

Things to hack on

  • Update mingw-w64 to gcc 4.7 as 4.6 is neded by Qt 5
  • Patch Mysql to build with mingw

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