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Kirigami Human Interface Guidelines

Welcome to the Kirigami Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)! The goal of this document is to help anybody who designs user interfaces for mobile or convergent mobile/desktop applications which will be implemented using the Kirigami Components.

They help you to make optimal use of the Kirigami Components, as they reflect the design ideas behind the components. If you have any questions, please contact the KDE VDG (vdesign [at] kde [dot] org)

These guidelines are for Kirigami-specific aspects of user interface design. For general recommendations on design concepts, see the concept page in the general KDE HIG. The Kirigami HIG are separated in three parts: Design Principles, UI Patterns and a Styleguide for KDE Applications.

Design Principles

These are the basic principles guiding Kirigami design:

UI Patterns

Here you find patterns for solving specific design problems with Kirigami Components:


This guide helps to create applications in line with the KDE user interface style

  • Colors - Guidelines for use of color, incloding the Breeze color palette
  • Icons - Guidelines for icon usage and design
  • Typography - Guidelines for font usage and typography
  • Animations - Guidelines for design and use of animations
  • Text Guidelines for the written, language-based elements of the interface. Includes guidelines on wording, capitalization and localization.


For technical documentation, see the API documentation

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