KDE Visual Design Group/KCMs

Start page for the KCM redesign project


Frequency of use: 1 = Very frequenty ... 5 = very rarely

Need for optimization: 1 = very high ... 5 = very low

KCM Relevant for mobile? Frequency Optimization need Komplex widgets? Status
Look and Feel Yes (already there) 2 3 none Work on it - idea Live preview with plasma theme background icons on it cursor and color theme. same style than new plasma theme kcm. In addition show which KCM will be changed by the look & feel package (with live preview if possible) no changes but links to other KCM's
Desktop Theme Possibly 3 2 none Implemented for 5.7 old one was difficult to understand.
Cursor Theme No 3 3 none (?) new KCM is designed
Splash Screen Theme Unknown 4 5 none add change background color and preview in a bottom for accessibility reason
Colors Possibly 2 2 Color picker (Colors tab) simplify KCM to main colors and add the KCM as it is now to advanced mode. KCM is now for color scheme developers
Fonts Yes 3 4 Font picker no change needed
Font Management Possibly 2 4 rendering? not started. Is it really that much used
Icons Yes 2 3 none Show possibility of different sizes and how to add effects to icons.
Emoticons Yes 3 3 none Redesign done. move edit function to advanced mode.
Widget Style Possibly 3 4 Preview renderer? Redesign done. better preview and edit to bottom
Window Decorations No 3 4 Preview renderer? Button config? Redesign done.
GNOME Application Style Possibly 2 4 none Not Started is it neaded? was not needed if the gtk stuff would work better in the other KCM's

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