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KDE Visual Design Group/HIG/TextEdit


The text edit control displays multiple lines of text to the user and allow the user to enter unconstrained text. In contrast to a line edit that is used to enter only one line of text the text edit is the right control for more than one line.



Is this the right control

  • Use text edits for input of unconstrained text with more than one line.
  • Do not use a text edit for input of a few words. Use a line edit to enter single lines of text.


  • Do not make users scroll unnecessarily; size text boxes to eliminate the need for scrolling.
  • Do not put horizontal scroll bars on multi-line text boxes.


  • When disabling the text edit, also disable any associated labels and buttons.
  • Label every text edit with a descriptive caption to the top left (cf. alignment).
  • Create a buddy relation so access keys are assigned.

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