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== Purpose ==
The guideline helps ensure that typography is used in such a way it is always in harmony with the overall visual design.
== Guidelines ==
{{Note|This page is now on [[https://hig.kde.org/style/typography.html https://hig.kde.org/]]}}
* While KDE Workspace users can alter the fonts used throughout the workspace and in applications, the visual design uses ''Oxygen'' as the reference typeface.
* Typography is treated like any other graphic element when considering [[KDE_Visual_Design_Group/HIG/Placement|spacing]] and [[KDE_Visual_Design_Group/HIG/Alignment| alignment]].
* The number of typeface variations (bold, italic, size, caps, color) are kept to about three in any single design.
* Multi-line blocks of text are either left or right aligned; center alignment for multi-line blocks of text is avoided.
* Short phrases and simple words are favored instead verbose, technical jargon:
** Put the most important thing first.
** Short words, active verbs and common nouns.
** Reduce redundancy. e.g. Don’t repeat the dialog title in the dialog text.

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This page is now on [https://hig.kde.org/]

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