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Split Menu Button

A split menu button is a button that provides a user with a default action and a drop down menu of additional variations of that action.

Split menu buttons have two separate click areas:

  • The primary click area to the left displays an icon and/or text label and performs an action immediately
  • The click area to the right is an arrow that opens a drop down menu with appropriate variations of the default action.


  • All options in a split menu button should initiate an action.
  • Do not use submenus.




Two examples of a split menu button.

Please do not use non-OSS screenshots (that looks like Windows XP theme) and try to use KDE examples as much as possible

I've change this from what was written so far in the wiki

from wiki -- Menu buttons are buttons that open a drop-down menu on click. They differ from normal buttons by a small arrow that is displayed next to the button's text label or icon (toolbar button).

I think this is wrong - you need an additional button to then initiate the action, it doesn't make sense - it's a drop down...I think it's only a split button however, some drop downs look like text fields, and some like buttons (but it's not a button issue, it's a drop down issue, due to definition of button...)

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