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{{Note|This page is outdated, please refer to [[https://hig.kde.org/ https://hig.kde.org/]]}}
=== Split Menu Button ===
=== Split Menu Button ===

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This page is outdated, please refer to [https://hig.kde.org/]

Split Menu Button

A split menu button is a button that provides a user with a default action and a drop down menu of additional variations of that action.

Split menu buttons have two separate click areas:

  • The primary click area to the left displays an icon and/or text label and performs an action immediately
  • The click area to the right is an arrow that opens a drop down menu with appropriate variations of the default action.


  • All options in a split menu button should initiate an action.
  • Do not use submenus.


Split menu button.png

Example of a split menu button.

I've change this from what was written so far in the wiki

from wiki -- Menu buttons are buttons that open a drop-down menu on click. They differ from normal buttons by a small arrow that is displayed next to the button's text label or icon (toolbar button).

I think this is wrong - you need an additional button to then initiate the action, it doesn't make sense - it's a drop down...I think it's only a split button however, some drop downs look like text fields, and some like buttons (but it's not a button issue, it's a drop down issue, due to definition of button...)

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