KDE Visual Design Group/HIG/Contribute

Contributing to the HIG

This page contains information about stuff that could be done and how to do it, to improve the HIG.

Junior Jobs

  • Create screenshots for the example section
    All the controls https://community.kde.org/KDE_Visual_Design_Group/HIG/ControlsList are supposed to have a screenshot of an application using the control. Search in the KDE applications for a good usage of the control in a real world app, create a screenshoot of the usage and upload the image into the HIG
  • Proof-read HIG pages and correct spelling, grammar, ... mistakes.
    Especially since a lot of contributors are non native English speaker, a lot of HIG pages would benefit enormously.


  1. Create a task in Phabricator
  2. Start a break out room to have a focused discussion. Announce it in the main VDG channel and invite the appropriate persons.
  3. Don't forget to show intermediate results in the VDG channel and/or plasma channel
  4. ...
  5. Copy the discussion history from the break out room to the HIG and close the break out room

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