KDE Visual Design Group/HIG/Accordion


The accordion (in Qt also known as tool box) provides a column of tabbed panels. Similar to tabs only a single item is shown at once.



Is this the right control

  • Use an accordion for content with mutually exclusive views. That might be a calculator with simple vs. scientific vs. statistical layout, or a digital vs. analog clock, for instance.
  • Do not use an accordion to structure content by default. Rather use a list view with associated pages or tabs.
  • Consider to replace the accordion by another control since KDE makes very rarely use of this type of navigation.


  • Do not mix the accordion with other types of navigation on the same level.
  • Do not use more than one accordion in your application because it is clutter prone.
  • Make sure that accordion contains of at least one panel.
  • Do not add more than five panels to an accordion.


  • Each panel must contain a panel header with descriptive label.
  • Do not use icons in panel headers.


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