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This is the community wiki for the KDE Visual Design Group.
#REDIRECT [[Get Involved/design]]
Active participation in design discussions takes place on the KDE forums: https://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=285
The primary purpose of this wiki is to capture the results of those design discusions in a permanent place for future reference.
* [[/Calamares_Design_Project|Calamares]] - a Linux installer
* [[/Music_Player|Music Player]] - a music and media player
* [[/Image_Viewer|Image Viewer]] - a tool to view, sort and apply basic manipulations to images
* [[/Muon_Discover|Muon Discover]] - A software library explorer and installation manager.
* [[/LibreOffice_Breeze|LibreOffice Breeze theme]]
* [[/System_Settings_Application|System Settings Application]] - New design work for the System Settings application. This does not include redesigns of the individual kcms - just the System Settings "container" application itself.
* [[/Plasma_5_Desktop_Configuration|Plasma 5 Desktop Configuration]] - Design considerations for Plasma 5 desktop configuration
* [[/Plasma_5_Desktop_Layout|Plasma 5 Desktop Layout]] - Design considerations for a default desktop layout
* [[/Mega-themes|Megathemes]] - one place to control all visuals.
* [[/Plasma_Mobile|Plasma Mobile]] - Design work for Plasma Mobile
* [[/Plasma_Activities|Plasma Activities]] - Design work on Activities
* [[/Unified_Login|Unified Login]] - Work on login from Grub to Ksplash
* [https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Usability/HIG KDE Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) on techbase] [TO BE REMOVED]
* [[/HIG | KDE Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)]]
==Old Things==
* [[/Archive | Archive of outdated documents that may still be useful for reference]]
* [[/2015-02-22_Meeting_Minutes|2015-02-22 Meeting Minutes]]
* [https://share.kde.org/index.php/apps/documents#2171 2015-03-15 Meeting Minutes]

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