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KDE Utils/kdelirc

kdelirc Plans

KDE 4.4

See the feature plan for KDE 4.4.

  • Communicate to lirc through solid
  • Integrate solid backend into kdelirc frontend
  • Cycle mode function (see Bug 134060)

Long time goals / ideas

In this section are some ideas and features listened, were discussing about. Maybe these will be implemented in a further release of kdelirc.


  • Provide plasma data engine
  • Multi application profiles
  • Look for a way to do more complex action into profile not calling only one simple dbus method. At moment we can't do something like increase volume on amarok because we need to do something like:

<syntaxhighlight lang="text"> VolumeSet(VolumeGet() + 10);

 It should be something like:

<syntaxhighlight lang="xml"> <action objid="Player" class="volumeup">

 <name>Increase volume</name>
     VolumeSet(VolumeGet() + 10);



  • Merge add action and edit action dialog into one dialog
  • KNewStuff for profiles

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