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KDE SC/4.11 Release Notes


This document contains the release notes for the 4.11 releases of KDE Plasma Workspaces, Applications, and Platform. It describes recently added, changed, or deleted features. It also provides some notes on upgrading from previous versions.

All users are encouraged to consult the release errata before installing. The errata section is updated with information discovered late in the release cycle or after the release.

What’s New

Upgrading from previous releases

In some cases not all settings are carried over to a new release. Some slight tweaking may thus be required.

In any case we advise to backup your data and configuration files (usually in ~/.kde) before an upgrade.


  • Nepomuk’s optimized storage format and rewritten e-mail indexer require reindexing some of the hard drive’s content. Consequently the reindexing run will consume an unusual amount of computing performance for a certain period – depending on the amount of content that needs to be reindexed.



  • Due the nature of how Wayland support is implemented in KWin 4.11, it cannot be completed during the 4.x life cycle and outstanding bugs can usually not be fixed. Proper Wayland support will be implemented in Plasma Workspaces 2.


This document is partially based on FreeBSD 8.4’s Release Notes, licensed under The FreeBSD Documentation License. All additional contributions are licensed under standard KDE Community Wiki terms.

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