KDE Project History

The KDE project started on October 14th 1996 (and the project has thus celebrated its tenth birthday already) with a call for programmers in comp.os.linux.misc: the original announcement of the KDE Project in 1996 (use Google™ Groups to find the original posting).

At the 2003 Kastle conference Matthias Kalle Dalheimer gave a presentation about the history of the KDE project.

Developer Meetings

There have been roughly yearly large-scale developer meetings for the KDE community since very early in the project. Since the KDE e.V. was created the yearly meeting is a requirement of its bylaws, so we can count on it now.

Developer Awards

KDE Developers have been awarding the so called 'aKademy awards' to fellow KDE Developers since aKademy 2005.

  • [# aKademy 2009 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain]
  • [# aKademy 2008 - Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium]
  • [# aKademy 2007 - Glasgow, Scotland]
  • [# aKademy 2006 - Dublin, Ireland]
  • [# aKademy 2005 - Málaga, Spain]
  • [# Full list]

KDE in the Press

Articles about KDE have been collected in this archive of KDE in the press through the year 2000. For more current mentions see the KDE News site

  • [# 2000]
  • [# 1999]
  • [# 1998]

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