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KDE PIM/Webpage Consolidation

This page lists all webpages on pim.kde.org and techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM that shall be moved here.

Pages on pim.kde.org

Sources of the pages in SVN: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/www/areas/pim/


Status Path URL Comment
DONE Home home.php
DONE Mission mission.php not migrated; this is the Mission Statement for pim.kde.org; it is obsolete and useless because it is already covered by the mission statements of community.kde.org and userbase.kde.org
TODO News news/ identical to News/2008
TODO News/2008 news/news-2008.php
TODO News/2007 news/news-2007.php
TODO News/2006 news/news-2006.php
TODO News/2005 news/news-2005.php
TODO News/2004 news/news-2004.php
TODO News/2003 news/news-2003.php
TODO News/2002 news/news-2002.php
TODO News/2001 news/news-2001.php
TODO Contact contact.php


Status Path URL Comment
DONE Meetings/General development/meetings/
TODO Meetings/Osnabrück 6/General development/meetings/osnabrueck6/
TODO Meetings/Osnabrück 6/Meeting Schedule development/meetings/osnabrueck6/schedule.php
TODO Meetings/Osnabrück 6/KDE PIM 4.1 Plans development/meetings/osnabrueck6/4.1-plans.php
TODO Meetings/Osnabrück 6/Akonadi Discussion Notes development/meetings/osnabrueck6/akonadi-notes.php
DONE Meetings/Osnabrück 6/Group Photo development/meetings/osnabrueck6/group.php

add missing pages to TODO list


Status Path URL Comment
TODO Akonadi akonadi/
TODO Akonadi/Roadmap akonadi/roadmap.php outdated; maybe simply drop it

add missing pages to TODO list

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