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The People of KDE PIM

KDE PIM developers
A whole bunch of PIM folk

This page gives an overview about the people behind KDE PIM. If there is somebody missing or some information is not correct please change it yourself or let us know. The list is order alphabetically by the given name.

Task descriptions are given for what the people are doing now, so you know who to talk to about a given subject. For each person we list the SVN account name (in bold), so you know who is committing what, and an IRC nickname (in italics) so you can find the person on irc.kde.org (see the contact information page)).

Photo of Allen Allen Winter (winterz, winterz)

KonsoleKalendar maintainer, KOrganizer and KMail developer. All around PIM-guy.

Placeholder for photo Carsten Burghardt (burghard)

KMail core developer

Photo of Cornelius Cornelius Schumacher (cschumac, cornelius)

KDE PIM release coordinator, KOrganizer co-maintainer
Email, Interview,

Photo of Danimo Daniel Molkentin (danimo, danimo)

Kontact framework maintainer

Placeholder for photo David Faure (dfaure, dfaure)

Kolab client developer, KDE core developer
Email, Interview

Placeholder for photo David Jarvie (djarvie, djarvie)

KAlarm maintainer
Email, Homepage

Photo of Frank Frank Osterfeld (osterfeld, lippel)

Akregator maintainer

Photo of Ingo Ingo Klöcker (kloecker, mahoutsukai)

KMail co-maintainer

Photo of Jason Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper (vanrijn, vanrijn)

KPilot developer
Email, Blog

Photo of Lutz Lutz Rogowski (rogowski)

KO/Pi, KA/Pi developer
Email, Homepage

Placeholder for photo Marc Mutz (mutz, marc_m)

KMail core developer

Placeholder for photo Mark Bucciarelli (bucciare)

KArm maintainer

Photo of Matt Matt Douhan (mdouhan, mdouhan)

KMail developer, Kolab Support

Photo of Michael Michael Brade (brade)

KNotes maintainer
Email, Interview

Photo of Mikal Mikal Villa (mvilla, lahgoon)

Webmaster/maintainer for the webpage, developer
Email, Homepage

Photo of Reinhold Reinhold Kainhofer (kainhofe, reinhold)

KOrganizer co-maintainer
Email, Blog, Homepage

Photo of Till Till Adam (tilladam, till)

KMail core developer

Photo of Tobias Tobias König (tokoe, tokoe)

KAddressbook maintainer

Placeholder for photo Volker Krause (vkrause)

KNode maintainer

Photo of Will Will Stephenson (bille, bille)

Kopete core developer, KDE PIM representation at SuSE