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KDE PIM/Meetings/Toulouse2017


  • Daniel Vrátil
  • David Faure
  • Franck Arrecot
  • Kévin Ottens
  • Laurent Montel
  • Volker Krause
  • Sandro Knauß

Travel information

Here you can find the information needed to get from train station / airport to the hotel or the venue. Map: https://imagebin.ca/v/3At4NySybR0k

Train Station

15 min walk to either the venue or the hotel. When you get out of the train station, cross the tiny bridge, cross the road full of cars (stopped at a traffic light at some point) and follow the "rue Bayard" this is a long avenue full of kebab restaurant. At the end of the street you end up on a big boulevard, if you go right you're at 2 min from Jeanne Arc metro and then 5 from the hotel. If you go left you are at 5 min from Jean Jaures, hence 8min from the venue. Read other sections.


If you arrive by flight you have two options to get to the center no matter if you go to the hotel or the venue directly. - Tram: only one line just in front of the airport, will drop you at Palais de Justice subway station in 35min. From there you can use the same ticket to go directly to Jeanne d'arc (for the hotel) or Jean Jaures (for the venue). No issue here Jeanne arc and Jean Jaures are 5min away by feet. You can take a single trip for about 2€ and this assure you the connection between Tram and Subway. - Bus: Drop you directly at Jeanne arc or Jean Jaures, but cost way more: about 7€, does that in 25 min.


Ibis Hotel, 3 min from Jeanne Arc subway station( yellow line B) by feet : just pass by the bus station till you see on your left the Claire Pauilhac street. And it's a 15 min trip from train station walking. The address is 2 Rue Claire Pauilhac, Toulouse


15min walk from the hotel, going along avenue de Strasbourg: from the hotel to Jeanne arc station, turn left when on the boulevard, walking to Jean Jaures (5min) and from there arriving at Gabriel Peri street (just one street after Jean Jaures station on the boulevard). The address is 15 rue Gabriel Peri Toulouse.


Reimbursement event : https://reimbursements.kde.org/events/38

Meeting Notes

Dot Story: https://notes.kde.org/p/HxriegzBTk

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