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  • Laurent
  • K´evin
  • Franck
  • Dan
  • Andre
  • John
  • Sandro
  • Christian
  • Volker


libkleo dependencies / libkleo/qgpgme future


Andre already started dropping dependencies and made some optional, so the situations is much better, than it was evelulated for kube.

Currently libkleo is used in kleopatra, mimetreeparser and messagecomposer.

libkleo is currenty a bundly of things:

  • jobs around gpgme++

- will move lower the stack to qgpgme

  • widegt for selected keys, showingWarnings...
  • different backend support chiasmus/gnupg

- chiasmus support will very likly to be dropped from libkleo

For mimetreeparser the moving of jobs to lower stack is enough move the dependency to qgpgme. Without chiasmus the whole idea of libkleo is getting away, so maybe get rid of it completly?

  • open question is where to move widgets that are used from messagecomposer and kleopatra

Additionally qgpgme will get support for a higher Qt API to request f.ex

  • a more user orintated API instead of a API around what gnupg exposes
  • a key for a keyid (from verification/ decryption result)
  • add more advanded errors/warnings ("missing secrect key" instead of "decryption failed")

ICal TimeZones


  • drop KCalCore::IcalTimeZone* classes
  • just provide a list of available additional time zones known to KCalCore

Existing users:

  • incidence editor time zone combo box

C++11 usage


Two views on this: always-auto fans and people concerned about readability of code.

Therefore we start with the following compromise: Use auto primarily to avoid duplicated type information (ie. when the type is already written on the right hand side), or when the type is "generally known" and inconvenient to write (e.g. iterators).


Follow KF5 guidelines.


GCC 4.8 and MSVC2015 which is basically the complete C++11 language feature set (but not the library feature set).

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