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Usability - User stories and scenarios

Enable user-centered design through user stories and scenarios based on actual users form the city administration of Munich.

Interested: Michael Bohlender; ...


Discuss the future (architecture) of QML APIs for PIM stuff.

Interested: Michael Bohlender; Daniel Vrátil

Active Mail/ KMail Mobile

Discuss the future of Active Mail.

Interested: Michael Bohlender; Daniel Vrátil

Akonadi Framework

We already discussed this a lot during Akademy, this time I'd like to look into solving specific problems that Kolab guys have run into while preparing Akonadi and KDE PIM for Munich. I also want to actually sit down and design some of the major features/changes we are planning.

Interested: Daniel Vrátil; Christian Mollekopf


Meeting Notes


See the KDE Sprints page.

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