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Mark Gaiser

Custom QML component for day/week events

QML is currently not suitable for making events in a day or week view. It simply doesn't have the flexibility to represent events like that. I'm going to create a whole new C++ component - probably based on the Layout components - to represent exactly that. It should be flexible enough to:

  • represent a day view
  • represent a month view


PIM and Frameworks splitting

stub. We probably want to discuss this.

Focus on stability

Perhaps related to frameworks, I would like to discuss how people feel about dedicating the remaining non-frameworks releases to stability. This would require doing some feature planning, and maybe postponing one or the other big task until frameworks, but it could greatly improve the quality of our product and give us the time to polish Kontact enough that it really shines!

Optimizing imap header parsing

Minimal required people. Mark Gaiser and Dan Vratil. Different parts in Akonadi seem to be parsing the same mail header data. We want to aim to reduce that to just one parse, but that requires some discussion to decide on what we need to improve.

Benchmark and profile mail indexing

At this point we don't quite know where mail indexing performs at it's best and where it could use improvements. We should benchmark this, get a clear picture and resolve possible hotspots.

Missing bodies fetch in IMAP resource

We need to find a way how to either get rid of this completely or to optimize it so that we don't have to run it on every collection sync.

Kolab, stable branches and Munich

I'd like to give a short overview about what Kolab is up to in the near future, some things we are planning to improve to cater some usecases better and how we intend to work with a stable branch of Kontact. This can also be used for a Q&A session if you have questions regarding the work of Kolab Systems on Kontact.

Relations in Akonadi

We need it, an we need it soon ;-) I'd like to plan what exactly we're going to implement.





Meeting Notes




During this sprint you can choose to join the us in an apartment or to go for a hotel room.

e.V. paid apartment

The apartment (you can find some information about it here ) paid by KDE e.V. All you have to do is registering your attendance on the sprint page and check the "Needs accommodation?" field. Aleix Pol will then make the final reservation one month before the sprint starts on Feb. 28th. A big thanks to him for taking care of that.


If you don't like the apartment for whatever reason then you can obviously search for an Hotel somewhere close. You can start here. Anything around Rocafort station should be close enough.

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