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Mark Gaiser

QML Calendar components - write and modify support

I started working on those first in a very crude form during the October 2012 PIM sprint. At that time it was a proof of concept to see if - ultimately - KOrganizer could be re-written using QML.

In the March of 2013 PIM sprint i basically started all over with some help of a few other folks to get real QML components in a not so hacky manner. Those components - while still very hacky - proved to be very powerful already. By the time i'm writing this, the components can do all the reading stuff and work very well.

During the next sprint i plan to fully implement:

  • Creation of new events trough QML
  • Modifying events through QML
  • Port the components to Qt 5/KF5 if akonadi can run there already.


Mark Gaiser

Where should akonadi bases QML components live?

It's surprisingly difficult to find a right place to put akonadi QML components. Once can argue for kdepim-runtime since QML is runtime stuff. One can also argue for kdelibs since it's basically still a library only in QML. I'd like to discuss this and make a final decision.


The march 2013 PIM sprint had quite a bit of discussion for the next KHolidays version. The idea is to have it as an Akonadi resource. I'd like to discuss this forther and make a first draft implementation for this. I can't do this alone and will need John Layt and someone else that knows how to make akonadi resource to get started.

KDE PIM to Qt5/frameworks

(don't know if i keep this item, i might remove it later) Slowly but steady key KDE parts are moving towards Qt5 with the frameworks initiative. I think it's time to start porting the KDE PIM stack to Qt5/frameworks. This affects the following git repositories:

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Picking a suited time for the sprint is done on this doodle link. The available office locations for this sprint will be maintained here in a table.

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