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KDE PIM/Meetings/Osnabrueck 8

Osnabrück 8 will take place at the Intevation offices in Osnabrück from Friday, January 8th 2010, to Sunday, January 10th.

Location / Travel Information


Neuer Graben 17
49074 Osnabrück
Phone: +49-541/335083-0

Arrival: see http://www.intevation.de/travel.en.html


Dom-Hotel Osnabrück
Kleine Domsfreiheit 5
49074 Osnabrück
Phone: (+49)541/35835-0 
Fax : (+49)541/35835-35


Rooms booked on 2010-01-05 (by emanuel).

  • 11 single rooms
  • 1 double rooms
  • 1 parking


Non-locals, please add your travel details and accomodation needs (Do you want to share a double room with somebody?) to the following table.

13 participants (2010-01-05):

Name Arrival Departure Accommodation needed
Ingo Klöcker Friday afternoon Sunday evening yes (sharing a room is ok)
Tom Albers Friday afternoon Sunday evening single room, car parking
Volker Krause Friday, 11:51, by train Sunday, 16:08, by train single room
Thorsten Staerk Friday afternoon Sunday evening single room, no car
David Jarvie Friday, 18:06, by train Sunday, 13:53, by train yes
Stephen Kelly Friday, 11:51, by train Sunday, 16:08, by train yes
Sebastian Trueg Friday, afternoon Saturday, evening yes
Bertjan Broeksema Friday, 11:51, by train Sunday, 16:08, by train yes
Patrick Ohly Friday, evening Sunday, afternoon yes
Tobias Koenig Friday, early afternoon Sunday, afternoon yes (sharing a room is ok)
Kevin Krammer Friday afternoon Sunday afternoon yes (sharing a room is ok)
Cornelius Schumacher Friday early afternoon Sunday afternoon yes
Thomas McGuire Friday noon Sunday afternoon yes
Paul Adams Tuesday, 5 Jan Wednesday, 13 Jan No thanks
Georg Greve Tuesday, 5 Jan Some time No thanks


  • Nepomuk integration
    • Review the current feeder agents, Sebastian had some ideas on how to improve them
    • Review search queries used by KMail, esp. full text search does not yet cover everything I think
    • Look into recording usage data (think recently used addresses++)
  • Kontact and Kolab Groupware update
  • KDEPIM on mobile devices like Maemo5/6, Symbian or Windows-Mobile.
  • The future of PIM/groupware regarding privacy and data syncing. (see the last section of http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-windows/2009-November/004359.html)
  • KDEPIM on Windows.
  • Thorsten wants to change back ktimetracker from a kontact part to a standalone-application. What experiences have others made?
  • SyncML support, both as client and server, and how SyncEvolution could be integration into KDE for that
  • sync support beyond SyncML
  • PIM data conversion (Evolution vCard dialect vs. KDE vs. ...)
  • Discuss merging of the akoandi-ports branch
    • KMail data/config migration to Akonadi
    • Identifying other critical parts for 4.5
    • What do we do with bugs/wishes of the pre-Akonadi apps?
  • Making (more) use of CDash
    • my.cdash.org
    • fix our unit tests
    • integration into our workflow (eg. subscribing kde-pim to build errors?)
  • Planning the 4.5 development cycle
    • depend on kdelibs trunk or 4.4?
  • as much discussions, reviews, and presentations as possible
  • Parenting of Akonadi::Items
  • Brainstorming for Summer of Code ideas


Details to be decided


Arrival and start to meet and work

19:00 Dinner in restaurant "Rampendahl", Hasestraße 35


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Meet and work

10:00 #qtcreator_bof

11:00 Kolab Konsortium projects for this year (Bernhard)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Group photo

14:10 Syncing (Patrick)

16:00 Planning for 4.5 / 4.6

18:00 KDE PIM Marketing

19:00 Dinner in restaurant "Planeta Sol" (Brazilian), Bergstraße 8 (VHS building)


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Begin

10:00 CDash

10:45 GSoC brainstorming

12:30 Lunch

Meeting Minutes

Marketing Meeting


How to improve KDE Marketing

  • blogging more
  • microblogging
  • youtube videos
  • technorati tagging
  • wiki page explaining all this (Thorsten)

// recordmydesktop, xvidcap, search techbase for these keywords, find article or write myself, send result to list

  • reach outside the KDE community
  • write articles in magazines
  • good t-shirts
  • talk to people at conferences
  • talk at Cebit
  • organize KDE PIM conferences
  • invite people to release events
  • KDE beer (subclass of open source beer)
  • cute mascot
  • /usr groups
  • eat your own dogfoot campaign inside of KDE
  • KDE PIM slogan
  • email cool things to multiplicators
  • release songs
  • KDE PIM Planet (Tom)
  • facebook group
  • linkedin group
  • own release announcement
  • calendar (Akonadi resource)
  • up-to-date sexy website
  • people of KDE PIM
  • SUSE Studio build of PIM apps (Tom)
  • demo data
  • finishing, publishing, promoting Windows installer
  • hire marketing company
  • download links for all platforms
  • search Engine optimization
  • usability studies and doing something about it
  • "renaissance" for KDE PIM
  • invite supporting members to talk about PIM
  • bring partners/journalists to meetings
  • contact open-source professor
  • talk to students, go to universities
  • promote fun job security
  • lobbyism
  • KDE PIM commit digest (Paul)
  • Bank of KDE
  • Make demo CDs
  • NX demo server
  • public Kolab server
  • status reports
  • feature guide (Tobias)
  • KDE forum
  • welcome dude (Tom)

Targeted Audience

  • General public
  • Potential new developers
  • KDE community
  • Existing KDE users


qtcreator bof

How to participate
People who want to participate in this BOF contact Thorsten via chat.
We want to learn tricks how to use our time most effectively with Qt Creator. We want to learn and document how we best move existing KDE programs towards Qt Creator. As an example, if you do not have a .ui file for your UI, you will not be as effective as you could be with Qt Creator.
  • What about KDevelop and Eclipse?
  • How to create a new project with qtcreator
  • How to import an existing project (kdepim) into qtcreator

Meeting notes

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