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* KDE PIM runtime/apps split (Tom)
* KDE PIM runtime/apps split (Tom)
* Discuss the fd.o situation (Cornelius)
* Discuss the fd.o situation (Cornelius)
* Review Akonadi change notification (Stephen, Volker, Kevin, Tobias)
19:00 Dinner at "Chows Garten", Große Hamkenstr. 19
19:00 Dinner at "Chows Garten", Große Hamkenstr. 19

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Annual KDE PIM meeting in Osnabrueck 2009.

Date: Jan 09th (friday) to Jan 11th (sunday).


Location: NEW office of Intevation GmbH (Neuer Graben 17, 49074 Osnabrück, Germany), http://www.intevation.de/travel.en.html

Hotel: http://www.dom-hotel-osnabrueck.de/index_en.php (as usual)


Unscheduled topics and corresponding responsible persons (feel free to remove yourself there if you don't like what I assigned to you ;-) ):

  • Porting strategy for KABC/KCal based resources and applications (Kevin, Tobias)
    • Designing an Akonadi-based replacement for KABC::StdAddressbook
  • Needed Akonadi developments for 4.3 (Volker)
    • Free/Busy support (Brad)
    • Consideration of moving mail output (i.e. kdepim/mailtransport functionality) to Akonadi (Brad)
  • Review Akonadi conflict detection (Stephen, Tobias, Volker)
    • detecting backend induced conflicts on the resource side
    • how to handle conflicts/GUI presentation
  • Re-Redesigned KMime ContentStrategy stuff using KJobs (still to do) (Stephen)
  • How to use Akonadi in your application/best practices/api dox review (Stephen)
  • Review Akonadi extensions currently developed in playground/pim (Stephen, Volker)
  • Review the distlist situation (Kevin, Tobias)

Put topics you would like to discuss here

Tentative schedule:


All day: arrival

  • Forcing Ingo to finally commit his Akonadi work from the last meeting (Volker) ;-)
  • Evaluating the Akonadi migration in 4.2 or: the very last chance to stop Akonadi in 4.2 (Kevin, Volker)
  • KDE PIM runtime/apps split (Tom)
  • Discuss the fd.o situation (Cornelius)
  • Review Akonadi change notification (Stephen, Volker, Kevin, Tobias)

19:00 Dinner at "Chows Garten", Große Hamkenstr. 19


08:00 Breakfast

  • Presentation of the Akonadi on N810 project (Karim, Cédric, Romain, Audrey, Guillermo)
  • KMail porting strategy (Thomas, Till, Ingo, Volker, Stephen)
  • Static code analysis in KDE PIM (Bertjan)
  • Review Akonadi change notification (Stephen, Volker, Kevin, Tobias)

19:00 Dinner at "Rampendahl", Hasestr. 35, http://www.rampendahl.de


08:00 Breakfast

All afternoon: departure



  • David
  • Thorsten

Static call graphs with egypt

  • Thorsten

Meeting Notes

  • KResource -> Akonadi migration
    • disable the creation of KRes client side bridges, but leave the migration enabled as such.
  • Apps/Runtime split:
    • we will create a runtime subdirectory in kdepim containing runtime dependencies (akoandi agents, plugins, etc) which should be buildable separately, cf. kdebase
  • Review Akonadi change notification:
    • Adding ItemMoved and CollectionMoved and adding parent collection to {Collection,Item}Removed in a BC way.
    • Adding parent Collections to the slots itemChanged and collectionChanged was also discussed. The problem is that using a full path in a filesystem as a remoteId can be problematic if a collection higher in the heirarchy is renamed or moved. As a resolution, Items and Collections will both get a QStringList of ancestor collections and only use the filename or dir name as a remoteId instead of a full path. This is only of interest to Resources. Even some resources (eg with only one collection) will ignore it and use a full path.
    • If this gets built into Item and Collection, then this means that retrieveItem can remain BC and get this functionality anyway.
    • CollectionSync and ItemSync: Currently compare remoteIds. Will possibly need to be changed to also compare the heirarchy also. Remove assumption that no longer hold like remoteIds being unique over whole collection tree.
    • Ordering will remain in an attribute, and not be built into Collection. Ordering remains an application side configuration issue. Some aspects of this remain an open issue, such as ordering by applications before a remoteId gets generated for an item.
    • Adding ResourceBase::clearCache() to allow the resources to remove any previous cache content in case there configuration changed in a drastic ways. While this should mostly work currently already with the Item/CollectionSync stuff, there might be tricky corner cases if some remoteIds are reused.

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