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KDE PIM/Meetings/Osnabrueck 11

The annual KDE PIM Meeting will take place from 1.3.2012 to 3.3.2012 at the KDAB offices in Berlin.



Projects we'll work on in small groups, mostly coding or creating other concrete results.

  • Add your project here
  • KDE Dependencies Repository: create and fill a repository containing all essential dependencies for kdelibs, kde-runtime, kdepimlibs, kdepim-runtime and kdepim, primarily for use on Mac and Windows. Define update policy for those packages.
  • KDE-wide metacontacts (KPeople) - general overview of the state, architecture and possible uses


Discussions about topics, which are relevant to all or a sub group of people. Please state audience and desired result of the discussion.

Future Development

Audience: all, Desired Results: Plan regarding future 4.x releases and port to KF5

  • How to move to KF5?


Audience: all, Desired Results: Input on timeline, facts on good things on Akonadi, agreement on communication, group hug

Follow up on what we did at Osnabrück 10.

Add your discussion topic here


Presentations of things interesting to the KDE PIM community. Please state targeted audience.

  • Add your presentation here



16:00 Start meeting, fill agenda, get organized


10:00 Review first batch of work, get organized

10:30-12:00 Presentations, discussions targeted at whole group

13:30 Group photo

17:00 Review second batch of work, get organized

17:30-18:30 Presentations, discussions targeted at whole group


10:00 Review third batch of work, get organized

10:30-11:30 Presentations, discussions targeted at whole group

14:00 Close meeting, collect next steps

Meeting Notes

Notes will go here


When you blog about the meeting (and you should ;-), please add a link here


See the Osnabrück 11 organization page for organizational details.

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