KDE PIM/Meetings/Osnabrueck 10

The annual KDE PIM Meeting Osnabrück 10 is currently in a planning state. It will take place on 10.2.2012 - 12.2.2012 at the Intevation offices in Osnabrück. Participation is open please enter yourself to: https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/68

Accomodation and Travel will be organized on the Sprint page



Projects we'll work on in small groups, mostly coding or creating other concrete results.

  • Nepomuk integration in KMail (and possibly other PIM applications) in respect to the feeder rewrite.
  • Groupwise calendar resource for Akonadi
  • Akonadi importer for Polka
  • Zanshin
  • Porting KTimetracker to Akonadi
  • KMail migration
  • Wiki
  • KAlarm Akonadi resource
  • Stabilizing Akonadi IMAP resource
  • Writing: Explaining Akonadi
  • Writing: Report on status of Akonadi
  • Document Kolab's use of Akonadi
  • Java library to access Kolab IMAP
  • GSoC 2012
  • Revive the Akoandi part table optimization branch (Volker: I need SQL help for this)
  • Retrieval during transaction safety issue in the Akonadi server


Discussions about topics, which are relevant to all or a sub group of people. Please state audience and desired result of the discussion.

Future Development

Audience: all, Desired Results: Plan regarding future 4.x releases and port to KF5

  • Update on the KF5 efforts
  • What does KF5 mean for KDE PIM? When are we going to port to KF5?
    • Consider code still using Qt3Support (KNotes, KNode, etc)
  • What changes do we want to do in e.g. kdepimlibs for KF5?
    • Suggested: Drop KResources, drop old KCal
  • Are there any currently internal libs we want to publish?


Audience: all, Desired Results: List of real problems, list of myths, plan how to address both

Akonadi and as a consequence KMail and the other PIM applications still have a pretty bad reputation. People perceive it as slow, using too much memory, or generally unstable. We should identify what are real problems and what is myth and come up with a plan how to address both.

Basically, there are two issues:

  • Akonadi is perceived to be useless
  • Akonadi is perceived to be unstable, buggy, slow

Both can be addressed by some decent articles and improvements to the website(s). The recent 'what did we fix in KMail' was great way of addressing the second point and we need to start writing about concrete examples of what will be possible (and esp about what is already done) asap to address the first issue.


Audience: people interested in Kolab, Desired results: Decide about exposed payload formats

State & implementation of the new XSD based Kolab library, see


  • Which payload format could/should be exposed through ASAP for Server Side Akonadi clients?

Server Side Akonadi

Audience: people interested in Kolab, Desired results: design decisions

See http://wiki.kolab.org/User:Greve/ServerSideAkonadi

Points to discuss:

  • Dependencies, in particular kcalcore, kabc
  • Formats, see above
  • D-Bus related concerns for server architecture

KDE PIM on Mobile

Audience: mobile people, Desired result: Plan for future developments

How is Kontact and other parts of KDE PIM doing on the N9, on Android, on other mobile platforms?

What are our goals for future development, is the current variety of target platforms and features sustainable? Who is working on it?


Kontact Touch should be available through the community app store, rather than hand-b0rked installation, see

How to make that happen?

Akonadi bugs

Audience: Akonadi developers, Desired results: Update list of bugs

Getting input on a number of Akonadi bugs

Resource scheduler

Audience: Akonadi developers, Desired results: Design for resource scheduler

Discussing design of resource scheduler

Maildir flags

Audience: KMail developers, Desired result: Decide how to handle maildir flags

Discussing handling of maildir flags

Andras: Maildir should write out correctly the message flags into the file name since 4.7.2.

Storing calendar colors for Kolab calendars

Audience: Korganizer people / people interested in Kolab, Desired result: Implementation (plan) for storage of calendar colors according to KEP 12.

See KEP 12: Color configuration storage for resources and categories for the specification.

Saving searches & results in cross-client scenarios

Audience: people interested in Kolab, Desired result: Design parameters for system that would work for Akonadi as well as server side clients, e.g. Roundcube & Co.

This is a subject that has been started as a discussion in the Kolab community, but never been fully thought through or finalized as a design. For input, see KEP 15: Saved searches and sharing searches across all clients

Contact Aggregation

Audience: People interested in contact management and/or Nepomuk, Desired result: Coordination with KTP team

  • conf call with KTP team to coordinate current efforts
  • plan on integrating that into kdepim mainline


Presentations of things interesting to the KDE PIM community. Please state targeted audience.

  • Bachelor thesis: REST interface for Kolab (Thomas Koch) (Audience: people interested in Kolab)
  • Server side Akonadi (Georg Greve) (Audience: people interested in Akonadi and Kolab)
  • libkolabxml (Christian Mollekopf) (Audience: people interested in Kolab)
  • Plasma workspace integration (Kevin Krammer) (Audience: people interested in KDE desktop)



16:00 Start meeting, fill agenda, get organized

~19:30 Dinner at Chow's Garden (Japaneese / Asian Food)


10:00 Review first batch of work, get organized 10:30-12:00 Presentations, discussions targeted at whole group

17:00 Review second batch of work, get organized 17:30-18:30 Presentations, discussions targeted at whole group

20:00 Dinner at Arabesque (Arabian Food http://www.arabesque-osnabrueck.de/)


10:00 Review third batch of work, get organized 10:30-11:30 Presentations, discussions targeted at whole group

14:00 Close meeting, collect next steps

Meeting Notes

Collection Colors

Store in Akonadi::EntityDisplayAttribute, propagate to/from mailbox annotation in Kolab resource. Christian will implement it.


Input from both our needs in the IMAP resource and our changes to IMAP for ASAP are relevant for the IMAP 5 efforts. Some specific points mentioned were:

  • remove concept of currently selected mailbox
  • ability to receive change set since last sync
  • change notifications for more than a single mailbox

Georg will find time for Kevin O. and Volker to participate in the process.

Date Finding Table (for reference)

X: available
- (or empty): not available
?: available but troublesome

Available on
Name 6.-8.1 13.-15.1 20.-22.1 27.-29.1 10.-12.2 17.-19.2 24.-26.2 3.-4.3
Andre Heinecke ? X X X X X X X
Georg Greve ? - X X X X X X
Björn Ricks ? X X X X - X X
Sérgio Martins ?? X X X X X X X
Christian Mollekopf - - - - X X X X
Kevin Ottens - X X - X X X -
Bernhard Reiter X X X X X ? ?? X
Guy Maurel - X X X X X X X
ThorstenStaerk X X X X X X X X
Christoph Wickert X - X X X - X X
David Jarvie - - - X X X - X
Till Adam - - X - X X X X
David Faure X X - X X X X X
Volker Krause X X X X X X X X
Thomas McGuire - - X X X X X X
Cornelius Schumacher X ? X X X X X X
Andras Mantia ? X X X X X - -
Stephen Kelly - X - - X - X X
Torgny Nyblom - - - - - - - -
Camila Ayres X X X X X X X X
Jos Poortvliet X X X X X X ? X
Jeroen van Meeuwen - - X X X X X X
Ingo Klöcker X X X - X - X X

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