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|- <!-- Comments are there only for copy and paste conveniance -->
|- <!-- Comments are there only for copy and paste conveniance -->
| Guy Maurel
| Guy Maurel
| X <!--6-8.1-->
| - <!--6-8.1-->
| X <!--13-15.1-->
| X <!--13-15.1-->
| X <!--20-22.1-->
| X <!--20-22.1-->

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The annual KDE PIM Meeting Osnabrück 10 is currently in a planning state. Intevation offices in Osnabrück are offered again as a location. Participation is open please enter yourself in the table below if you want to take part and set a marker on the weekends that would work for you.

Planning of a Date should be done around the end of the year.

For local questions about arrival feel free to contact [email protected]

Accomodation and Travel we will organize once we have a clear date

Date Finding Table

X: available
- (or empty): not available
?: available but troublesome

Available on
Name 6.-8.1 13.-15.1 20.-22.1 27.-29.1 10.-12.2 17.-19.2 24.-26.2 3.-4.3
Andre Heinecke ? X X X X X X X
Georg Greve ? - X X X X X X
Björn Ricks ? X X X X - X X
Sérgio Martins ?? X X X X X X X
Christian Mollekopf - - - - X X X X
Kevin Ottens - X X - X X X -
Bernhard Reiter X X X X X ? ?? X
Guy Maurel - X X X X X X X
Christoph Wickert X - X X X - X X
David Jarvie - - - X X X - X
Till Adam - - X - X X X X
Volker Krause X X X X X X X X


  • Nepomuk integration in KMail (and possibly other PIM applications) in respect to the feeder rewrite.

Server Side Akonadi

See http://wiki.kolab.org/User:Greve/ServerSideAkonadi



Arrival and start to meet and work



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