KDE PIM/Meetings/KMail Stabilization Sprint 2011

KMail Stabilization Sprint 2011

Planning in progress.

Time & Location

September 16th - 18th

Tempelhofer Ufer 11
10963 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-5213254-70

Google Maps

Getting there by public transportation:

  • subway lines U1 or U6 to "Hallesches Tor"
  • subway lines U1 or U7 to "Möckernbrücke"
  • bus line M41 to "Hallesches Tor" (leaves from Berlin Hauptbahnhof)

Getting in:

  • If the big front door is closed, there is a door bell on the right, labeled 'KDAB'.
  • After passing the main gate, there are two options:
    • Take the stairs on the right, go up one floor, take the door on your right and go up one more floor. You'll find a door labeled KDAB in front of your with a door bell on the right (that one might need some more pressure to trigger).
    • Be lazy and go through the second big door right in front of you, turn right and take the entrance to the elevator on your right. KDAB is on the second floor.


Attendee Arrival Departure Needs Hotel Travel Costs
Volker Krause already there not leaving no 0
Till Adam n/a
Kevin Krammer Sep 15th Sep 18th yes/non-smoker/ok to share
Christian Mollekopf Sep 16th in the morning Sep 18th yes/non-smoker/ok to share ~260 euro
Kevin Ottens Sep 15th Sep 18th yes/non-smoker ~450 euro
Thomas McGuire no zilch
Tobias Koenig already there Sep 18th yes 0
Andras Mantia Sep 15th ? Sep 18th ? yes/non-smoker ~450 euro


Based on http://community.kde.org/KDE_PIM/Meetings/Desktop_Summit_2011 , with already done/fixed stuff removed

(List View) Performance

  • Till found the likely cause, too many (proxy) model resets on top of ETM


  • make optional, rather do import than full migration
  • improve mixedmaildir resource performance by applying the maildir fixes
  • fix maildir to support standard nameing scheme on non-Windows


  • merge feeders to improve scheduling
  • add agateau-widgets to places needing nepomuk in kab, composer and (if needed) korg

Mail Filtering

  • spam pass through filtering stops processing of further filters apparently
  • tokoe is splitting it into an agent
  • filter config contains ids, thus not system independent

Move data loss

SQL inconsistencies for Christian Mollekopf and David Faure

  • likely developer setup issues with mixing a lot of different setup
  • tokoe was looking into making constraints more strict

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