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KDE PIM/Meetings/Desktop Summit 2011

KDE PIM Team Meeting at Desktop Summit 2011

Time & Location

Thursday 11th August, room 1.404.


TODO: complete this list

  • Björn Balazs
  • Björn Ricks
  • Friedrich Kossebau
  • John Layt
  • Kevin Krammer
  • Kevin Ottens
  • Mario Bensi
  • Rohan Garg
  • Tobias Koenig
  • Volker Krause

Meeting Notes

Problems with the current 4.7+ release

List view performance

  • needs more profiling
  • ask people with problems to contribute callgrind/massif logs
  • likely only some code pathes causing problems, indentify and disable them
  • no major rework for 4.x, rather do the above


  • make optional, rather do import than full migration
  • improve mixedmaildir resource performance by applying the maildir fixes
  • fix maildir to support standard nameing scheme on non-Windows


  • email feeder seems to download mail in a non-disconnected imap scenario, investigate and fix that
  • merge feeders to improve scheduling
  • make email indexing optional in system settings next to file system indexing, if disabled, disable search in kmail
  • add agateau-widgets to places needing nepomuk in kab, composer and (if needed) korg

Mail Filtering

  • spam pass through filtering stops processing of further filters apparently
  • tokoe is splitting it into an agent
  • filter config contains ids, thus not system independent

Move data loss?

  • only unspecific and vague reports available
  • originally supposed to be fixed by external payload enforcement (-> missing error handling on payload store failure)
  • seems to be related to moving uncached data
  • seen on local -> local move, so unrelated to net issues

SQL inconsistencies for Christian Mollekopf and David Faure

  • likely developer setup issues with mixing a lot of different setup
  • tokoe was looking into making constraints more strict

Combine all 4 notes plasmoids into one

  • Use the UI bits from the Plasma Notes Plasmoid
  • Use Akonadi as the backend for storing notes

Sprint dedicated to address these issues

Preliminary date: 16th to 18th September.

Near Future (aka KDE4.8+)

  • get playground material that's ready released:
    • facebook resource
    • google resource
    • sugarcrm resource
    • syncevolution integration & ui
  • Tobias wants to polish the account wizard
  • Friedrich wants to extend the Akonadi kioslave for attachment access

Far Future (aka KF5)

  • don't bother yet with frameworks work on kdepimlibs at least until 4.8 (and 4.9)
  • KNode will cease to work without major work
    • port away from Qt3Support
    • merge into KMail while losing features
  • Todo: use Zanshin, Kevin will discuss that with Sergio
  • KNotes: drop it?
  • Groupwise: drop it?
  • command line clients still resource based
  • drop KResource in KF5?

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