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This page is about the upcoming Akonadi Meeting in May 2010


13th to 16th of May 2010.

Location / Travel Information

Local transportation in Berlin

Subway and railway map of Berlin


Attention: KDAB moved since last time!

Tempelhofer Ufer 11
10963 Berlin
Phone: +49-30-5213254-70

Google Maps

Getting there by public transportation:

  • subway lines U1 or U6 to "Hallesches Tor"
  • subway lines U1 or U7 to "Möckernbrücke"
  • bus line M41 to "Hallesches Tor" (leaves from Berlin Hauptbahnhof)




Please add yourself, your travel details and accommodation needs as well as your preferred date to the following table.

Name Travel Arrival Departure Accommodation needed
Volker Krause none already here not leaving no
Tom Albers Train 12-05-2010 23u30 16-05-2010 16u30 yes, single room.
Bertjan Broeksema none already here not leaving no
Thomas McGuire train 12.05, around 3 pm, ICE857 16.05, around 2 pm, ICE556 yes, single room, non smoking
Matthew Leach Flying from Manchester Arriving at Berlin Schoenefeld 12 May 17:10 Departing from Berlin Schoenefeld 17 May 17:35 yes, single room, non smoking
Sascha Peilicke Train from Magdeburg Not to sure yet. Not to sure yet. Not needed
Tobias Koenig Train from Dresden 12.05.2010 16.05.2010 yes, sharing room is ok
Kevin Krammer plane GRZ-VIE-TXL 2010-05-11 19:05 2010-05-17 09:20 yes, single room, non smoking
Sérgio Martins plane from Lisbon 11-05-2010 16-05-2010 yes, single room, non smoking
Kevin Ottens Plane: TLS->LHR->TXL 11-05-2010 (landing 13:45) 16-05-2010 (takeoff 07:15) yes, single room, non smoking


Please collect stuff you want to do/discuss here.

  • Reviewing new public API, as usual
    • TODO: prepare diffs with the changes in header files since 4.4 was branched in kdepimlibs to speed this up
  • Discuss deprecating the KResource API and porting away or identifing the last users of it in PIM
  • Evaluate the state of KMail and the Kontact suite and decide on release plan
  • Making KDE PIM ready for 4.5 if in a releasable state, or execute a Plan B

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