KDE PIM/Meetings/Akademy-2010

KDE PIM Bof at Akademy 2010

Date and Location

Tuesday, July 6th 2010, 18:00 in Area 4


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  • Minimum required dependencies during KDE 4.6 development cycle.
  • Unifying mobile component source and install locations
  • Unifying the editor/viewer components for all pim applications
  • Concepts for better reuse of editor components (separating gui/logic)
  • Timeline for moving editors/viewers to kdepimlibs
  • Planning sprint later this year
  • Making Akonadi resources available to non-kdepim apps
  • Kontact-summary SoC status
  • KCalCore is going to kdepimlibs soon, we need to review API (in one month?)

Meeting Notes

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