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KDE PIM/Meetings

Get together, and get hacking! One of the fun ways to improve the KDE PIM codebase is to get together for a hackfest. Since most -- but by no means all -- of the KDE PIM developers are in Western Europe, getting together isn't all that hard to do. KDE PIM has a great tradition of focused developer meetings. It started at Osnabrück in 2003 and has grown into having several meetings a year.



7th Annual KDE PIM New Year Meeting at Osnabrück

Group photo

Once more the KDE PIM team met for its annual meeting in Osnabrück. Intevation had just moved into a bigger office, providing enough room to host the largest meeting in KDE PIM history with more than twenty participants.


Past Meetings

list on pim.kde.org (should be moved here)

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