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| Iberia (IB) || HTML, PDF || Custom (some variants) || Microdata, PDF || Generic ||
| Iberia (IB) || HTML, PDF || Custom (some variants) || Microdata, PDF || Generic ||
| IndiGo (6E) || HTML || TODO || PDF || Custom || need more samples
| IndiGo (6E) || HTML || Custom || PDF || Custom ||
| KLM (KL) || HTML, PDF || Custom (some formats) || Microdata, PDF || Generic ||
| KLM (KL) || HTML, PDF || Custom (some formats) || Microdata, PDF || Generic ||

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KItinerary: Supported Providers

More test data is always welcome and helpful, also for providers already listed as supported below. There's always some corner case we can improve :)

Project details: https://phabricator.kde.org/project/profile/280/

Note that the below list is inherently incomplete, a provider not being listed does not automatically imply it doesn't work, as it might still be covered by generic extractors, or by an existing custom extractor for the same backend system.

Data Formats

  • JSON-LD: HTML content containing structured data in JSON-LD format
  • Microdata: HTML content containing structured data in XML format
  • PDF: PDF files
  • HTML: HTML content without structured data
  • Text: plain text content
  • iCal: ical calendar files
  • PkPass: Apple Wallet pass files

Extractor Types

  • Generic - structured data: built-in extraction of JSON-LD and Microdata content
  • Generic - IATA BCBP: built-in extraction of IATA BarCoded Boarding Passes (BCBP)
  • Generic - PkPass: built-in extraction of Apple Wallet boarding passes and event tickets
  • Custom: custom extractor script


Airline (IATA) Booking Confirmation Format Booking Confirmation Extractor Boarding Pass Format Boarding Pass Extractor Notes
Aegean (A3) ? ? HTML, PDF Generic
Aer Lingus (EI) HTML Custom PDF Generic
Air Baltic (BT) ? ? PkPass, PDF Generic (pkpass), Custom (pdf)
Air Berlin (AB) ? ? PkPass, PDF, JSON-LD Generic JSON-LD contains wrong timezone data, airline bankrupt
Air France (AF) ? ? Mircrodata, PDF Generic
American Airlines (AA) ? ? PDF Custom
Austrian Airlines (OS) Microdata Generic JSON-LD, PkPass Generic
Asiana Airlines (OZ) PDF TODO ? ?
British Airways (BA) HTML, Text TODO PDF Generic
Brussels Airlines (SN) HTML, PDF Custom PDF, PkPass Generic
Croatia Airlines (OU) ? ? PDF Generic
Czech Airlines (OK) HTML TODO PDF Generic
Delta HTML TODO ? ?
EasyJet HTML Custom PDF Custom
Emirates (EK) HTML, PDF TODO ? ? needs more samples
Eurowings (EW) HTML, Text Custom PDF, PkPass, JSON-LD, Micordata Generic (JSON-LD, PDF), Custom (PkPass) JSON-LD and Microdata are sometimes both present and provide different data
Finnair (AY) HTML TODO PDF Generic
Flybe (BE) HTML TODO ? ?
Iberia (IB) HTML, PDF Custom (some variants) Microdata, PDF Generic
IndiGo (6E) HTML Custom PDF Custom
KLM (KL) HTML, PDF Custom (some formats) Microdata, PDF Generic
Lufthansa (LH) Microdata Generic Microdata, PkPass, PDF, iCal Generic (Microdata, PDF), Custom (PkPass), NP4 (iCal) Microdata boarding passes contain download link rather than IATA BCBP token
Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) HTML, PDF Custom (PDF) ? ?
Quatar Airways (QR) Text, HTML, PDF TODO PDF Generic needs more samples
Ryanair (FR) HTML, Microdata Generic PDF Generic
SAS (SK) PDF, HTML, Text Custom (some variants) PDF Generic/Custom (depending on variant)
Swiss (LX) HTML, iCal Custom PDF, PkPass Generic
United (UA) ? ? PDF Generic
Volotea (V7) JSON-LD Generic ? ?
Vueling (VY) HTML Custom PDF Generic JSON-LD has been observed in some emails too
Wizz Air (W6) HTML TODO ? ?
WOW air (WW) HTML, PDF TODO PkPass Generic

Useful references:

Train and Long-distance Bus Operators

Mixing train and bus operators here as some of them operate both types.

Operating area: If an operator is only active in a single country, that allows to make assumptions e.g. about the timezone of the destinations.

Ticket token types:

  • UIC 918.3 with RCT2 payload: the EU standard for international tickets
  • UIC 918.3 with vendor payload
  • Vendor-specific proprietary formats encoding (some) trip data
  • Vendor-specific proprietary formats not encoding trip data

Ticket token supported: means you can use KDE Itinerary to validate your ticket on automatic scanners or during manual ticket inspections.

Operator Type Area Ticket Format Ticket Extractor Ticket Token Format Ticket Token Supported Notes
Aircoach.ie Bus IE/UK HTML Custom N/A N/A
Czech Railways Train EU ? Custom ? ?
Deutsche Bahn Train EU PDF Custom Domestic: UIC 918.3 with vendor-specific payload
International: UIC918.3 with RCT2 payload
DSB Train DK/EU PDF Generic UIC 918.3 with RCT2 payload untested
Flixbus Bus EU? JSON-LD, HTML, PDF Generic unknown unknown
Italo Train IT JSON-LD Generic ? N/A
Koleje Małopolskie Train PL PDF Custom QR with proprietary JSON payload untested
Korail Train KR HTML Custom N/A no validation requires print-out or vendor app
megabus.com Bus UK? HTML, Text, PDF TODO ? ?
National Express Bus UK? HTML Custom ? ?
NS Train EU PDF Generic UIC 918.3 with RCT2 payload (international) ?
ÖBB Train EU PDF Generic UIC 918.3 with RCT2 payload Yes
Pasažieru vilciens Train LV? HTML, PDF TODO Proprietary without trip data unknown
RegioJet Train, Bus EU? ? Custom ? ?
Renfe Train EU PDF Custom Proprietary DataMatrix/Code128 with trip data untested
SBB Train EU? PDF Generic UIC 918.3 with RCT2 payload untested
SNCB Train BE/EU? PDF Custom Code128 unknown
SNCF Train EU PDF Custom Proprietary with trip data Yes (untested)
Stansted Express Train UK PDF, PkPass Custom (PkPass), TODO (PDF) QR/proprietary untested
Thalys Train BE/DE/FR/NL Html Custom binary Aztec/proprietary (see KDE_PIM/KItinerary/Thalys_Barcode) Yes
Trenitalia Train IT PDF Custom Aztec with binary content (see KDE_PIM/KItinerary/Trenitalia_Barcode) Yes
VGN Train/Bus DE::BY PDF, image Custom UIC 918.3 with non-RCT2 U_TLAY payload untested
VIA Rail Train CA HTML, PDF Custom Proprietary with trip data unknown
vr.fi Train FI? HTML, PDF Custom unidentified (see KDE_PIM/KItinerary/vr.fi_Barcode) unknown
Westbahn Train AT? PDF TODO unknown unknown

Useful reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rail_transport_by_country


Provider Booking Confirmation Format Extractor Notes
Accor Hotels HTML TODO
Airbnb JSON-LD Generic
A&O Hostels Text, HTML Custom
availpro.com HTML Custom Online booking software used by non-chain hotels
Booking.com JSON-LD, HTML, Text Generic, Custom varies between JSON-LD and HTML with so far unknown pattern
Millenium Copthorne JSON-LD Generic
NH Group HTML Custom
simplebooking.it HTML Custom Online booking software used by non-chain hotels

Travel Agencies / Backend Systems

Agency Supported Types Itinerary Format Extractor Notes
ACP Rail Train HTML Custom
Amadeus Flight Text, HTML, PDF, iCal Custom (some variants) used by several airlines and agencies too
American Express Flight, Hotel PDF TODO
BCD Travel Flight, Train, Rental Car PDF, iCal via NP4 uses NP4 extractor for iCal
Cheapoair Flight JSON-LD Generic
Expedia Flight HTML TODO
FCM/Travellink Flight Text, HTML Custom
NP4 GmbH Flight, Rental Car iCal Custom backend system used by e.g. BCD Travel and Lufthansa
Trainline.eu Train JSON-LD Generic
Travelport Galileo Flight Text Custom backend system
TUI Flight, Hotel PDF TODO
via.com Flight JSON-LD, PDF (booking); HTML (cancellation) Generic

Useful references:


Restaurant/Reservation Service Format Extractor Notes
dinnerbooking.com HTML, iCal Custom
easytablebooking.com ? ?
lafourchette.com Microdata Generic
opentable.de JSON-LD Generic
Quandoo HTML, Text TODO
zenchef.fr Microdata Generic

Rental Car Reservations

Rental Car Provider Format Extractor Notes
Europcar JSON-LD Generic
Hertz Text, HTML Custom

Event Booking

Booking Service Ticket Format Ticket Extractor Ticket Token Format Ticket Token Supported Notes
Chaos Communication Congress PDF Custom QR with alpha-numeric id yes includes a secondary UIC 918.3 ticket token for local public transport (supported too)
Cineplex HTML TODO QR with numeric id unknown PkPass file available via download link
Deutsche Message AG PDF, PkPass Generic (PkPass) unknown unknown
Easy Airport Parking HTML, PkPass Custom (PkPass) numeric token as QR code untested parking reservation, currently modeled as Event
Eventbrite JSON-LD, PDF Generic numeric token in QR or 1d barcode unknown ticket token only in PDF and not yet extracted
Kinoheld JSON-LD Generic reservation number as Code128 barcode unknown ticket token not set in JSON-LD
Meetup JSON-LD Generic N/A N/A
ntry.at PkPass, HTML, PDF Generic alphanumeric token in Aztec code untested
messe.at HTML, PDF TODO unknown unknown
Messe Nürnberg PkPass Generic weird unknown

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