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KDE PIM/KDE Itinerary

KDE Itinerary

What is KDE Itinerary?

KDE Itinerary is a digital travel assistant with a priority on protecting your privacy. It consists of a plug-in for your email client to automatically find booking documents, and a mobile app with your itinerary.

Some feature highlights:

  • Timeline view with automatic trip grouping.
  • Supports ticket management for multi-traveler and multi-ticket bookings.
  • Automatic booking data extraction from various input formats, performed locally on your device.
  • Real-time delay and platform change information for trains.
  • Weather forecast for destination along your trip.
  • Full control over all online access.
  • Selection of alternative train connections on unbound tickets or on missed connections.
  • Local ground transportation navigation between elements of your itinerary.
  • Personal travel statistics to monitor environmental impact.

More information:

Getting KDE Itinerary


Not yet available in F-Droid or Google Play Store unfortunately.

Nightly development builds are available here:

Plasma Mobile, Flatpak

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists kdeapps --from https://distribute.kde.org/kdeapps.flatpakrepo
flatpak install kdeapps org.kde.itinerary

Browser Integration

See https://blog.broulik.de/2019/11/taking-itinerary-to-the-next-level/



Make sure you have the ZXing-C++ and Poppler dependencies. For Poppler, this needs the private Poppler API, the header files for this are provided through separate packages by several distributions, so make sure to have those installed as well.

Getting data into KDE Itinerary

Direct import

Use Global drawer > Import... in the app to import data from a file directly. Usually works for PDF and PkPass files, full emails are hard to get hold of on mobile usually.

KMail Itinerary plug-in


Interaction with the KMail plug-in is a bit hidden in older versions (19.08 or before), via the small icon in the top right corner (to be fixed).

Via NextCloud/DavDroid: Select "Add To Calendar", and pick a calendar on a NextCloud server. Once synced to an Android phone via DavDroid, select "Check Calendar" in the global drawer of the app. Other CalDav servers might work, other sync apps than DavDroid will likely not work.

Via KDE Connect: Select "Send to <device>".

Getting involved

New to KDE? See also https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved


  • #kontact on IRC/Freenode or Matrix

Source Code & Workboard

See https://phabricator.kde.org/project/manage/280/

Donating Sample Data

Samples can be sent to [email protected] and will not be published.

Anything vaguely looking like flight, train, bus, rental car, hotel, event or restaurant bookings/tickets/confirmations/cancellation/etc is relevant. Such documents are even still relevant when they are seemingly already extracted correctly, in many cases there are non-obvious details we don't cover yet correctly.

Preferably in their original unaltered form, for emails the easiest way is "Forward As Attachment".


The KMail Itinerary plug-in isn't finding anything

  • Is the itinerary plug-in installed? Check $LIBDIR/plugins/messageviewer/bodypartformatter/messageviewer_bodypartformatter_semantic.so. If you are missing this, it's in the kdepim-addons repository, and can probably found similarly named distro packages.
  • Is KItinerary built with Poppler and ZXing? Check the output of `$LIBDIR/libexec/kf5/kitinerary-extractor --capabilities` (19.04 or newer). This should show something like this:
HTML support        : libxml2
PDF support         : poppler
iCal support        : kcal
Barcode decoder     : zxing
Phone number decoder: libphonenumber
  • How to report bugs? Use https://bugs.kde.org, product "KDE Itinerary". If the bug involves sensitive documents that you don't want to publish there, you can send those directly to [email protected]


  • KDE Itinerary: the mobile app for showing your itinerary.
  • KItinerary: the library providing the data extraction engine (yes, sub-optimal naming considering the above).
  • KMail Itinerary Plug-in: plugin for KMail running the data extractor on the email you are currently looking at and showing a blue framed box at the top with what it found
  • KItinerary Workbench: diagnostic and development tool for the data extractors.
  • Poppler: PDF parsing library, needed by KItinerary in order to process PDF files.
  • ZXing-C++: Barcode decoding library, needed by KItinerary to decode any form of barcode.

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