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|Tablet version of Amarok based on Amarok 3 core.
|Amarok, Qt-project
|Amarok's new core should allow for easy experimentation with a full QML UI for tablets.
|Amarok's new core should allow for easy experimentation with a full QML UI for tablets. Extending Qt platform support where required for applications. Specific interests: NFC, bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP.
|Bernhard Reiter
|Bernhard Reiter

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Name Email Location Project Project URL Plans
Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde dot org Galway county, Ireland KHangMan, KAnagram, and perhaps Gluon (including the player) http://edu.kde.org/applications/all/khangman/ http://edu.kde.org/applications/all/kanagram/ Port the applications to BB UI along with its dependencies, if needed.
Gilles Caulier caulier dot gilles at gmail dot com Aix en Provence, France digiKam, Kipi-plugins, and relevant shared libraries (libkipi, libkdcraw, libkexiv2, libkmap, libkface, etc...) http://www.digikam.org Port the photo manager, all plugins, and all dependencies from kdegraphics.
Andrea Brancaleoni null at gmx dot it Milan, Italy kbreakout & other kde-games https://github.com/thypon/xbreakout http://games.kde.org/ SHORT TERM: port kdegame project shrinking KDE dependencies (kbreakout alredy ported to android-qt) LONG TERM: port the KDE libraries needed to run the games.
Andre Heinecke [email protected] Osnabrück, Germany Kontact Touch (Kdepim) http://userbase.kde.org/Kontact_Touch See whats possible to get running, help working on the necessary libraries and/or working on adopting the kdepim infrastructure.
Bart Cerneels [email protected] Belgium Amarok, Qt-project http://amarok.kde.org Amarok's new core should allow for easy experimentation with a full QML UI for tablets. Extending Qt platform support where required for applications. Specific interests: NFC, bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP.
Bernhard Reiter [email protected] Osnabrück, Germany Kontact Touch and "Desktop" (KDEPIM) http://userbase.kde.org/Kontact_Touch Evaluate port of Kontact Touch and necessary components in order to facilitate them. Testing other KDE products in combination with other BB software for real life business usability.
Nuno Pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org Vila Real, Portugal Oxygen, Split-it, Time to Go. http://www.oxygen-icons.org/ Port the applications to BB, Continue to develop generic UI/UX/artwork for Apps and create new ones mostly made with Touch in mind. Expanding kde's own pool of touch focussed apps.
Mario Fux fux'AT'kdeDOTorg Burgdorf, Switzerland WiktionaryParser and GUI http://blogs.fsfe.org/mario Port the wiktionaryParser to more languages (English, French, Italian, etc.) and then develop a QML GUI. It's not (yet) KDE software and I'm atm a slow developer so keep me at the bottom of the list ;-). Oh and I'd use it for promotional stuff as well (e.g. sponsor finding for Randa)
Mario Bensi mbensi at ipsquad dot net Toulouse, France KDE Framework and Zanshin http://community.kde.org/Frameworks and http://zanshin.kde.org/ Evaluate port of KDE frameworks to BB, testing other KDE products using this and also evaluate port of Zanshin (a powerful yet simple application for managing your day to day actions and notes) to BB, for that i will need to test akonadi on BB too.
Björn Balazs kde at lazs dot de Berlin, Germany Usability http://openusability.org Usability Support for the Development of different mobile KDE applications
Teo Mrnjavac [email protected] Trieste, Italy Amarok http://amarok.kde.org Evaluate the long term possibilities of porting the next iteration of Amarok to the BB platform. Also maybe Tomahawk or other stuff :)
Tomaz Canabrava tcanabrava at kde dot org Rio de janeiro, Brazil KDE-EDU liveblue.wordpress.com Port, test and develop educational applications to BB platform. Im currently in charge with an internship experiment ( 6 students ), so the device will be used by all the students.
Matt Williams [email protected] Coventry, UK KDE Games and KDE Frameworks games.kde.org Assist with porting and testing KDE frameworks for the BB platform. Also for porting and testing my game, KSquares, and other KDE games on a touch device for use with Plasma Active.
Rafal Kulaga rl.kulaga at gmail dot com Krakow, Poland KDE-EDU (KStars) http://edu.kde.org/kstars/ Evaluation of possibility to port KStars to BB platform. This device will also be used by a friend of mine that's currently evaluating different user interface designs for mobile version of KStars. In a long term, we would like to make simplified version of KStars available for mobile devices.
Lukáš Tvrdý lukast.dev (at) gmail dot com Slovakia Krita http://www.krita.org Explore and test graphics effects. Try to create some small painting app for mobile.
Albert Astals Cid [email protected] Barcelona, Spain Blinken, explore port of KTuberling (didn't make sense for a phone) http://www.kde.org/applications/education/blinken/ http://games.kde.org/game.php?game=ktuberling Port to BB, make sure it works fine
Stephane MANKOWSKI [email protected] Toulouse, France Skrooge http://skrooge.org Port Skrooge (A personal finances manager) to BB
Diego Casella [email protected] Montebelluna, Italy Plasmate http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Plasma/PlasMate Implement 1-click plasmoids installation from developer's laptop to BB device, in order to speed up plasmoid development/testing/deploy. This would require changes on both Plasmate and Plasma Active sides. Since I'll get my bachelor degree in late September (finally!) , I'll be free again to play with KDE code again.
Diego Iastrubni [email protected] Hod Hasharon, Israel KDE/i18n-he https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-l10n-he

I will work on i18n related issues and RTL issues found anywhere in KDE, and translating the workspace to Hebrew. This means translations and code modifications where is needed.

Ivan Čukić [email protected] Belgrade, Serbia Activities and Plasma Active https://projects.kde.org/projects/kde/kdelibs/kactivities

Port activities system. Activities gather different content like applications, documents, web pages, contacts etc. that belong together. This way, they allow to quickly access the resources related to the task at hand. For example, when in Work activity, you'd get only a list of your work contacts, and related documents. Also, they allow to encrypt the data that belong to specific activities.

Heiko Tietze [email protected] Berlin, Deutschland User-Experience http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Usability

User experience and usability for desktop and mobile applications; Support for KDE developers.

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