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At 2021 Akademy, the #kde-lgbtq channel had a BoF. We decided it would be illuminating to send a census around to the kde-community mailing list to get a handle on how things are.

Survey Questions

  • Standard "what do you identify as", pronouns, get-to-know-yous, etc.
  • Did you identify as this when you first joined KDE?
  • How do you feel about being out in KDE? Do you feel it is supportive? How?
  • If you have problems, do you know who to turn to? Do you know who on the CWG is an ally, or can be trusted with lgbtq issues and concerns
  • Have you had problems in the community? Answers will remain anonymous, we don't need specifics, but be sure to contact the CWG with serious concerns; this is just a census, after all.

Community Working Group

It was pointed out that getting LGBTQ+ folks on the eV board isn't nearly as important as making sure the CWG represents us and understands what matters.