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Add your comments here on the various modules in libkdegames. Mark modules we're keeping as green and modules that are being dropped as red. If you disagree with anything make a note of it here and mail the kde-games-devel mailing list.

Module Comments Maintainer
KChatBase, KChat Used by KsirK
KGameCanvas Maintained and in use Maurizio Monge
KGameMisc Should we encourage the use of KGameMisc::randomName()? That's all that's in this header.
KGameProgress Only used by libsirtet. Is not QProgressBar sufficient?
KGrid2d Needs an overhaul to remove all the inline function definitions. Though it is templated.
KStandardGameAction In use everywhere and recommended for use.
KZoomMainWindow Shouldn't be needed since QGraphicsView work
High Score
KExtHighscore I recommend this be deprecated
KHighscore Maintained and in use Matt Williams
KScoreDialog Maintained and recommended for use Matt Williams
KGame and friends Unmaintained? But in use in various places, KsirK for example
General Maintained (but not in use?)

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