KDE Games/Vision

As of 2010, the KDE Games project stands at a crossroads for several reasons:

  • Our games are not suitable for new classes of devices because they are designed for the desktop form factor, without touch interfaces in mind.
  • Network-enabled, social gaming has become a crucial requirement for successful gaming platforms, yet we have nothing social (except for KNewStuff3) and no networking (except in three games) in our stack.
  • We seriously lack man-power to maintain our games and adapt them to changing requirements.

With the advent of Gluon, it becomes even more urging to define what we want and how we want to achieve it.


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  • I think that our main selling point is still integration with the rest of KDE. This cannot be done with Gluon, because Gluon aims to be environment-agnostic. Still, we can try to leverage Gluon functionality where appropriate (for instance for social features). Furthermore, we need to update our own set of libraries to reflect the changed outer conditions and to attract new developers. -- Majewsky 08:45, 13 August 2010 (UTC)
    • While it is true that Gluon is environment-agnostic, it also aims to integrate with the environments it runs in. Think how Qt will use the file dialogues of whatever desktop it is running in, and how libAttica has extra features when running under KDE. --Leinir 09:58, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

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