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KDE Games/Proposed Games

This is a list of games that are not implemented in KDE4 but which people think would be suitable for inclusion.

Anyone should feel free to add to the list of games or discuss the list on the discussion page.

If you have started to develop one of these games it should be moved to the "In Progress" section of this article.




A simple game where the players try and get 3 of their symbol in a row, while preventing their opponent from achieving this.

Rules and a playable board can be found at http://www.goobix.com/games/tic-tac-toe/

A KDE4 game can be found at http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/games/kttt/


A falling-tiles game based on a hexagonal grid, somewhat popularized by being pre-installed on many XBOX 360's. See the Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexic or ask on kde-games AT kde.org.

Word Vine

Place all words onto the nodes of a graph. For example, traffic, switch and day could all be connected to light which could be connected to weight. That, in turn, could be connected to heavy. The beauty of this concept is that you need a few words and everything else can be auto-created depending on parameters the player chooses.


Canyon Defense

Defend a canyon, your desktop, whatever (there are a bazillion versions of this game) against small attackers. Many different types of towers, power-ups and other niceties are possible.


The website http://towerdefence.net is dedicated entirely to games of this genre (or very similar games) and has over 100 different games.

Robot Battle (Programming Game)

A game in which you write a script to control a robot who battles against other robots, you cannot in any way influence the game once it starts, the outcome is determined entirely by your script. Robots could have a selection of weapons and/or types to make the game more interesting to program for. Pickups could be placed at random at certain times, (health, energy, ammo). Different game types such as combat, races, mazes etc. would be interesting.

A good thing about this is that the AI will not be a problem to implement, just include some ready-made scripts that the AI can do.

I'm thinking that Kross may be a good way to implement this, but is it able to ensure that the script affects only your robot, nothing else in the program?

http://robocode.sourceforge.net/ is a game like this written in Java (robots written in Java as well.


Copter / Chopper

Simple game where you fly a helicopter through a cave. Your only task is to try to get as far as possible while avoiding the cave walls and random obstacles. Also important is, that your heli is accelerating over time and that your movement is limited to up/down.

A flash based example can be found at http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/copter and it was also ported to Rockbox and IpodLinux, see for example http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/task/5535


Pop a bubble so it can pop more bubbles, etc. The game mode they implement is not ideal, I would rather let the user choose a few settings and then try to get highscores.


In Progress

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