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This page lists the maintainers of games from kdegames module. If a game has multiple maintainers, they are listed in alphabetical order.

Active maintainers will usually update this page only when someone requests this on the kde-games-devel mailinglist. This has happened for the last time on April 18, 2010.

Game Active maintainer IRC pseudo Mail address Last updated
bovo Aron Boström hrafnahnef [email protected]
granatier Mathias Kraus hias [email protected] 2011-06-17
kajongg Wolfgang Rohdewald wrohdewald [email protected] 2012-03-27
kapman Thomas Gallinari gallinari [email protected] (email address does not exist)
kbattleship Paolo Capriotti pcapriotti [email protected] 2011-07-13
Riccardo Iaconelli ruphy [email protected]
kblackbox Nicolas Roffet nicolas030best [email protected] 2007...
kblocks Zhongjie Cai zhongjiecai [email protected] 2010-04-18
kbounce Andreas Scherf scherfa [email protected] 2010-04-12
kdiamond Stefan Majewsky majewsky [email protected] 2010-04-18
kfourinline Martin Heni mheni [email protected]
kgoldrunner Ian Wadham ianw [email protected] 2011-12-04
killbots Parker Coates Parkotron [email protected] 2010-04-18
kigo Sascha Peilicke saschpe [email protected] 2010-?
kiriki Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos [email protected] 2012-03-28
kjumpingcube Ian Wadham ianw [email protected] 2011-12-04
klickety Ni Hui nihui [email protected] 2010-11-04
kmahjongg Christian Krippendorf krippendorf [email protected] 2011-11-27
kmines Mauricio Piacentini piacentini [email protected] 2008-12-01
kolf Stefan Majewsky majewsky [email protected] 2010-11-03
kollision Paolo Capriotti pcapriotti [email protected] 2011-07-13
konquest Pierre Ducroquet pinaraf [email protected] 2010-04-18
kpat Stephan Kulow coolo [email protected]
Parker Coates (active developer) Parkotron [email protected] 2010-04-18
kreversi Inge Wallin ingwa [email protected] 2011-07-25
kshisen Frederik Schwarzer icwiener [email protected] 2012-04-01
ksirk Gaël de Chalendar kleag [email protected]@free.DOT.fr 2011-06-13
kspaceduel Dirk Rathlev [email protected] 2008-12-02
ksquares Matt Williams milliams [email protected]_nospam_milliams.com 2011-06-13
ksudoku Ian Wadham ianw [email protected] 2011-12-04
ktron Stas Verberkt LegolasV [email protected]_nospam_legolasweb.nl 2009-02-26
ktuberling Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos [email protected] 2012-03-28
kubrick Ian Wadham ianw [email protected] 2011-12-04
lskat Martin Heni mheni [email protected]
palapeli Stefan Majewsky majewsky [email protected] 2010-04-18

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