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This is the project page for Kolf 2, the next generation of minigolfing in KDE. If you've got a question or would like to contribute, send a mail to Stefan.


The next Kolf developer meeting will be on May 26, 10:00 UTC (in your local time here), at the IRC channel #kdegames, freenode network. Join us if you like.


  • Current developments
  • Outstanding design issues in the kernel
  • [add more topics here]

Unsolved design questions

  • Internal design of the landscape objects
  • How to integrate artwork into the object rendering (at least 2D)?

Outstanding tasks

Pick one if you like, and start to contribute! (Names in parentheses mark assigned tasks.)

Fundamental class design

  • allow for multiple geometries per object (Stefan)
  • redesign the putter class to allow for different types of putters


  • landscape objects (GSoC)
  • windmill object
  • bumper object


  • blackhole overlay

Game engine

  • a new persistency framework, along with Save/Undo/Redo actions (Stefan)
  • support for network playing via GGZ (currently blocked, waiting for KGGZ libraries to arrive in trunk)

3D view

  • rendering stuff in 3D (Casper)
  • make OpenGL an optional dependency in the build system and in code

Editor interface

  • an object model with which objects on the view can be selected
  • an object toolbox where objects can be added to the view
  • a property view based on the editor model and type models

Miscalleneous/Junior Jobs

  • remove hard-coded colors from the code, replace with KColorScheme brushes

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