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KDE Games/IRC Meetings/Git Conversion 1


Friday 30th March 2011


What is the latest date we want to switch at in the 4.9 roadmap?
Maybe make a little roadmap for the migration?
  • we want to have everything in place before
    • May 10: the dependency freeze (changing the buildsystem changes dependencies)
    • May 17: the beta 1 tag (when packagers start to pick up our code)
  • so May 10 is the deadline

Actual conversion
- Who will do it?
- On what machine?
- All in one go or every game on its own?
Finalise check descriptions
This should be done to make it possible to check finished repos and be sure we get all the issues checked. If the rules are modified, all previous check-marks should be reset.
KDE Games/Git Conversion Progress
  • there are basic scripts for "test-driven rule writing" in a branch of kde-ruleset.git, but PovAddict is dropping work on them out of pragmatism because we'd never get done otherwise
  • check list at KDE Games/Git Conversion Progress has been updated and former "done" marks have been reset
Existing rules files
Short and rough review to get some questions off the table and to get all rules somewhat unified throughout KDEGames. Peer review anyone?
Existing conversion/postprocessing scripts
Short and rough review of the existing scripts to point out possible flaws or inconsistencies in the way they work. Maybe find a unified script structure for all games.
CMake preparation
All games should be able to be compiled on their own AND as a module. CMake changes before or after the conversion? How to do that?

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