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[21:59] <johannol> start !!!

[21:59] <piacentini> well, not much on the agenda

[21:59] <piacentini> mostly the akademy stuff?

[21:59] <johannol> at start, yes

[21:59] <piacentini> we should begin by it then, and then talk about other themes :)

[22:00] <piacentini> well, I proposed the akademy talk 2 months ago

[22:00] <piacentini> after an irc meeting with albert and pino, iirc

[22:00] * dimsuz well just listen the akademy part as I won't attend this time

[22:00] <piacentini> but the idea is that we have only 30 min

[22:00] <piacentini> so I would just give a 1-2 minute introduction, and then each developer will speak very quickly about his/her project

[22:00] <johannol> yes, it's piacentini if we must prepare a talk ;) lol

[22:01] <piacentini> I believe each person will have at most 4-5 minutes

[22:01] <johannol> including tsdgeos ;)

[22:01] <piacentini> so it is a quick, very focused presentation of one aspect of a game or library. Let me get the link

[22:02] <piacentini> http://akademy.kde.org/conference/talks/31.php

[22:02] <johannol> http://conference2007.kde.org/conference/talks/31.php

[22:02] <piacentini> yes

[22:02] <piacentini> This lists the basic structure of the panel, with the focus on exposing current limitations to the akademy audience

[22:02] <piacentini> so we can get quick help (maybe during the akademy hack week) to implement missing pieces

[22:03] <piacentini> As an example, we can get help from the usability guys on new interface stuff like kwelcomescreen if needed

[22:03] <piacentini> just an example

[22:03] --> pinotree has joined this channel ([email protected]/pino).

[22:04] <piacentini> Or we can coordinate installation issues and GHNS server accounts, this sort of stuff

[22:04] <piacentini> So who wants to do a quick talk?

[22:04] <piacentini> Matt already signed in via email to the mailing list

[22:04] <johannol> everyone will talk... next question ;)

[22:04] <pcapriotti> piacentini: I can do it, if it's needed

[22:05] <piacentini> cool, I did not know you were going to be at akademy

[22:05] <johannol> geat indeed

[22:05] <piacentini> talk about kbattleship/kgamecanvas?

[22:05] <pcapriotti> eheh, yes, I'll be there

[22:05] <johannol> :D

[22:05] <piacentini> or kollision?

[22:05] <pcapriotti> I guess, kbattleship and canvas, since kollision is still playgrounded :)

[22:06] <piacentini> what I will do is to have a recent build of kdegames on my machine, as well as the kde3 versions

[22:06] <johannol> add your name on http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Games#akademy

[22:06] <piacentini> if someone wants to show additonal material (videos, art) I will collect them a couple of days before the event

[22:06] <piacentini> so we will not need to switch machines

[22:06] <piacentini> to make things faster

[22:07] <piacentini> Are all of you guys arriving on Friday?

[22:07] <johannol> yes, only one machine, and if possible, only one impress file

[22:07] <johannol> friday for me yes.

[22:08] <piacentini> I believe matt williams will arrive on Saturday

[22:08] <pcapriotti> yes, friday

[22:08] * johannol must had himself on the arrival wiki

[22:08] <piacentini> It could be nice if we schedule something over dinner on Friday

[22:08] <piacentini> if this fails, we can have lunch together on saturday and rehearse/finish the presentation slides

[22:08] <johannol> there are already something, like last year

[22:08] <milliams> piacentini: Yeah, I arrive about 2 hours before the talk :)

[22:09] <milliams> about lunch time

[22:09] <piacentini> ok, do not worry. I will make a master presentation file then, very simple

[22:09] <piacentini> And you guys can send me the slides until Friday. But due to the time, it should be either one or two slides per person

[22:10] <piacentini> Or no slides at all, and just demo the features you are talking about

[22:11] <piacentini> I guess the idea is really to generate more awareness of what we are doing, so other people know who we are and can engage in productive discussions during the rest of the conference

[22:11] <piacentini> So that is about it for akademy talk, unless someone wants to add something

[22:12] <piacentini> johann, next item? something about the June 1st deadline?

[22:12] <johannol> we should write our basics topics on a wiki page, organize them...

[22:12] <piacentini> I want to keep it more or less informal

[22:12] <dimsuz> I seen that ksudoku moved to kdegames. cool :)

[22:13] <milliams> we don't want too much duplication though

[22:13] <johannol> just the topics, not the content.

[22:13] <piacentini> But you and others are welcome to structure your 3-5 minute block!

[22:13] <piacentini> ok, topics I agree fully

[22:13] <dimsuz> btw, have been something desided about our games.kde.org site? perhaps this was spoken about in previous meetings that I didn't attended?

[22:13] <piacentini> But I thought we were going to talk about our work, so it will be more or less automatically split?

[22:13] <johannol> to determine the order of people too, in a logical way

[22:14] <piacentini> well, let me handle this, as the panel coordinator

[22:14] <piacentini> just write up your topic of interest then

[22:14] <johannol> cool

[22:14] <piacentini> and we coordinate this based on this information, and even on the rehearsal meetimng

[22:14] <johannol> :)

[22:14] <dimsuz> sorry guys, what topics are you talking about? :)

[22:14] <piacentini> dimsuz: sorry. The topics to be discussed during the akademy presentation

[22:14] <johannol> topics of the kdegames talk at akademy

[22:15] <piacentini> Johann for example will probably want to talk about being the release manager, and the art/oxygen stuff

[22:15] <dimsuz> ah, so this is still about akademy :). ok. don't forget to do some photos ;)

[22:15] <piacentini> I will talk quickly about kmahjongg/kmines

[22:15] <piacentini> milliams posted his list to the ml, cool

[22:15] <piacentini> pcapriotti?

[22:15] <piacentini> kbattleship and kgamecanvas

[22:15] <pcapriotti> yes

[22:15] <piacentini> eugene? art in general? showing your themes?

[22:16] <piacentini> johann: what is the page to write the topics again?

[22:16] <it-s> yuo're talking about me right?

[22:16] <johannol> i could to the art in duo with eugene?

[22:16] <piacentini> it-s: yes

[22:16] <piacentini> cool, nice idea

[22:16] <johannol> piacentini: you have to make it, on techbase

[22:17] <piacentini> should we use techbase for this? I though it was editorial content

[22:17] <piacentini> but we can discuss this later

[22:18] <it-s> I'm not really following the conversation *sorry* it's the 1st of month and I'm accountant - so : payroll! *hate this time*

[22:18] <milliams> It shouldn't really be Techbase but you're allowed to use Projects/Games anyway :)

[22:18] <piacentini> milliams: ok, got it

[22:18] <piacentini> anyone else here that will be on aKademy?

[22:19] <piacentini> up until now I think we can have maybe 4 minutes for myself/milliams/pcapriotti

[22:19] <piacentini> Nicolas?

[22:19] <johannol> i don't know, but it will be already a nice team in front of the public

[22:19] <piacentini> Then 8 minutes for Johann/eugene

[22:20] <piacentini> If Nicolas confirms (there is his name in the techbase page) then we will already be covered

[22:20] <piacentini> 4 minutes each, and 5 minutes for questions

[22:21] <pcapriotti> very good

[22:21] <johannol> seems good to me

[22:21] <piacentini> So we can already rehearse based on this schedule, and we decide the order during the Saturday lunch

[22:22] <piacentini> to make it more logical depending on what each one is presenting.

[22:22] <johannol> i'd to talk about art, the work between artist and dev, and the way to get more people to dynamise the project

[22:22] <johannol> piacentini: much before the saturday launch please

[22:22] <piacentini> milliams: 1x0 :(

[22:23] <piacentini> Well, if you really, really want to decide it now, then I guess it would be better if Eugene and you closed the talk

[22:23] <piacentini> so you could look at what has not been shown yet (in art)

[22:24] <piacentini> And end up with the talk to invite developers, etc

[22:24] <piacentini> So I can start, show kmahjongg and kmines

[22:24] <piacentini> then pass to paolo, then to milliams

[22:24] <piacentini> then optionally nicolas (if confirmed)

[22:25] <piacentini> and then eugene and you for the art, and you close it with project management stuff

[22:25] <piacentini> At the end I can do the q&a coordination

[22:25] <piacentini> Deal?

[22:25] <pcapriotti> piacentini: I could make maurizio speak about his canvas, maybe, in case nicolas withdraws

[22:25] <johannol> there are a middle between the 1st june and the talk ;) to organize well the topics, but ok for now

[22:25] * tsdgeos smacks pinotree

[22:25] <pinotree> :(

[22:25] <tsdgeos> pinotree: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdegames/ktuberling/playground.cpp?r1=664438&r2=664443

[22:26] <piacentini> pcapriotti: if he is going to ther, it would be great to have him

[22:26] <tsdgeos> what's last change supposed to do?

[22:26] <piacentini> to be there I mean

[22:26] <tsdgeos> all ToDraw ARE cast<QGraphicsSvgItem

[22:26] <pcapriotti> piacentini: yes, he'll be there

[22:26] <johannol> the talk could be: projects, apps, art, futur

[22:26] <piacentini> ok, so he should join you for a bit of kgc talk

[22:26] <pcapriotti> piacentini: I'll ask him

[22:26] <piacentini> k

[22:27] <pinotree> tsdgeos: i can explain

[22:27] <tsdgeos> please

[22:27] <piacentini> K. So other than aKademy, next topic?

[22:27] <pinotree> qgraphicsitem_cast acts differently than qobject_cast

[22:27] <tsdgeos> really?

[22:27] <pinotree> yep

[22:28] <tsdgeos> pf

[22:28] <tsdgeos> trolltech is beginning to piss me off

[22:28] <tsdgeos> ok, sorry then ;-)

[22:28] <pinotree> np, i tested it before committing ;)

[22:28] <pinotree> and i was puzzled as well

[22:28] <tsdgeos> but i'll put back my dynamic_cast :D

[22:28] <pinotree> better not

[22:28] <pinotree> dynamic_cast should be avoided across library boundaries

[22:29] <tsdgeos> that's what trolls say, i've been doing it for ages and never failed :D

[22:29] <johannol> could we go on the next topic?

[22:29] <tsdgeos> oh

[22:29] <milliams> Next topic

[22:29] <tsdgeos> sorry for intertupting the meeting

[22:29] <piacentini> johann: do we have anything else to discuss?

[22:29] <johannol> i'll be fast

[22:29] <piacentini> tsdgeos: np :)

[22:30] <johannol> about the release plan:

[22:30] <johannol> 1 june : "Trunk is frozen for new or resurrected applications."

[22:30] <johannol> done ;)

[22:30] <johannol> a little bit longuer:

[22:30] <johannol> bovo is moved on kdegames, and ksudoku too

[22:31] <johannol> of course, i can always remove a app before the final release if the are an issue with a game, but the idea is here, the list is closed

[22:32] <dimsuz> hmm... svn confuses me: svn: Failed to add directory 'kdegames/kjumpingcube': object of the same name already exists. seems like it failed to delete kjumping cube on some update and now don't want to add it :)

[22:32] <milliams> Well I think we've got an excellent collection for 4.0 :)

[22:32] <piacentini> dimsuz: svn cleanup maybe

[22:32] <dimsuz> johannol: bovo has been fixed?

[22:32] <johannol> we should focus on quality now

[22:32] <piacentini> and then svn up

[22:32] <johannol> dimsuz: yes

[22:32] <dimsuz> piacentini: ok, i try

[22:32] <johannol> thanks to my new recrue :D

[22:32] <nicolas030> Hi everybody, I'm joining only now the meeting...

[22:33] <nicolas030> Sorry...

[22:33] <piacentini> nicolas030: do you have the history? read it please, we talked about you a few minutes ago

[22:33] <nicolas030> OK, I'm reading it...

[22:34] <johannol> Guillaume Denry, who fixed it, asked a svn account, just for the info.

[22:35] <it-s> sorry, just to clear things up: when you say that the "trunk is frozen June 1st" does that mean that no changes can be done to the content?

[22:35] <johannol> no. it means no new apps, and no fanzy new feature

[22:35] <nicolas030> I confirm that I'll be with you in Glasgow for the aKademy (Friday evening untill Monday morning) if that was the question. :)

[22:36] <piacentini> nicolas030: great. So are you ok with talking 4 minutes during the kdegames panel? What are you going to speak about?

[22:36] <milliams> I thought this was not a feature freeze?

[22:36] <johannol> we must still work on quality, usability, performance, art, ....

[22:36] <it-s> would the "zooming" feature tsdgeos promised me for ktuberling considered *fancy*?

[22:37] <tsdgeos> it-s: no, it's considered a bug ;-)

[22:37] <piacentini> it-s: nope, it is not feature freeze imo

[22:37] <piacentini> just no addition of new modules, technology, apps,

[22:37] <piacentini> like big changes

[22:37] <nicolas030> Well, I could speak a bit abour KBlackBox, maybe about the state of KSirtet and co also... I don't know... :)

[22:38] <milliams> http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Roadmap#Milestone:_Beta_Cycle.2C_Full_kdelibs_API_Freeze

[22:38] <piacentini> kblackbox and state of ksirtet should be more then enough for 4 minutes of presentation

[22:38] <nicolas030> Great

[22:39] <piacentini> nicolas030: so you will be part of the "apps" section of the talk, with myself, pcapriotti. Matt will then speak a bit about his app and start the transition to project issues, etc

[22:39] <nicolas030> piacentini: OK :)

[22:39] <it-s> speaking of which - is Ksirtet going to get eny *prettier* soon?

[22:40] <nicolas030> it-s -> no :(

[22:40] <nicolas030> not soon

[22:40] <it-s> *cries*

[22:40] <piacentini> it-s, nicolas030: I spoke with johann, and I will help with it during akademy

[22:40] <nicolas030> it sounds good

[22:41] <piacentini> doing the svg transition, and a partial rewrite as a last resort if needed

[22:41] <piacentini> but johann suggested and I agreed to delay this until akademy, where we could all talk about it

[22:42] <piacentini> more topics?

[22:42] <nicolas030> I'll try to continue to work on it. I was focucing a bit on KBlackBox during the last weeks (for the tutorial) instead of KSirtet.

[22:43] <it-s> somehow I always thought that tetris is about the easiest game to write... well, shows how much I know :)

[22:43] <piacentini> it-s: write is sometimes much easier then rewrite

[22:43] <piacentini> :) refactor, etc

[22:43] <nicolas030> it-s Maybe we should rewrite it...

[22:43] <piacentini> nicolas030: that was the proposal

[22:43] <piacentini> but only if it does not improve until akademy. then we rewrite it there

[22:44] <it-s> I can only to flash and java script, on C/c++ :(

[22:44] <nicolas030> OK. That may be the solution...

[22:44] <piacentini> nicolas030: in any event, we will have a prettier tetris for KDE 4.0, with the ksirtet name :)

[22:45] <nicolas030> I hope so! :)

[22:45] <johannol> i can allow big work like this, just before the july 25th. do you think it is possible during this time

[22:45] <johannol> ?

[22:45] <piacentini> johannol: well, feature wise it would be the same

[22:45] <piacentini> with the same name and everything

[22:45] <it-s> but wouldn't *rewrite* of aything concidered a *big thing*?

[22:45] <piacentini> I do not see how it impacts anyone in a negative way

[22:45] <johannol> fine for me at least

[22:45] <it-s> i'm again talking about *freeze*

[22:46] <johannol> yes?

[22:46] <nicolas030> The sad thing about rewriting KSirtet is that it has a lot of futures... to rewrite...

[22:46] <piacentini> that is why I think it is better to evaluate this in a face-to-face meeting

[22:46] <piacentini> several issues to consider

[22:46] <it-s> I always thought it's just a tetris clone,,,

[22:46] <piacentini> milliams : 1x1

[22:46] <piacentini> :)

[22:46] <johannol> it-s: what are your concern about freeze?

[22:47] <CIA-25> aacid * r670520 ktuberling/trunk/KDE/kdegames/ktuberling/ (pics/themes.HOWTO playground.cpp playground.h): implement item zooming when painting the item outside the "warehouse"

[22:47] <milliams> piacentini: :P I'm only seeing little bits of it :)

[22:47] <piacentini> me too

[22:48] <piacentini> not a big fan anyway, just teasing you as the english guy in the room

[22:48] <it-s> I really want to see ksirtet in this release of KDE4 (as well as Ktuberling finished and working + all other games) so I'm worried that it's not enough time left

[22:48] <-- annma has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).

[22:48] <milliams> hehe

[22:48] <tsdgeos> it-s: ktuberling is finished and working :-P

[22:48] <tsdgeos> the only left bugs are because Qt quality is rather low these days

[22:48] <it-s> I know, but I wanted *zoom* BADLY

[22:49] <tsdgeos> or you could say my expectations are too high

[22:49] <piacentini> tsdgeos: any plans to keep the aspect ratio when scaling?

[22:49] <it-s> now that I know it'll be there I'm fine :)

[22:49] <it-s> I second that

[22:50] <tsdgeos> piacentini: not really, i decided that if kids want to make fun out of the figure why shouldn't they ?

[22:50] <johannol> the first scheduled freeze was for 1st june. but some project was too badly late, like plasma or kdepim. so it was allowed to project in difficulty to get a freeze to the July 25. for me, ksirtet is one of them.

[22:50] <piacentini> well, that is a reasoning... I would prefer to keep the aspect, or at least have a simple way to toggle it. But it is a small thing

[22:50] <nicolas030> tsdgeos -> good point :)

[22:51] <piacentini> it is just that small children sometimes have trouble resizing windows

[22:51] <it-s> johannol: oh I see

[22:51] <it-s> thanks

[22:51] <piacentini> so for them it is difficult to get correct proportions depending on the original playground proportions

[22:52] <piacentini> (btw, this was something I saw with my nephew)

[22:52] <it-s> tsdgeos: but what if it's not a *potato guy*, but a doll instead, or a superhero of some sort?

[22:52] <piacentini> and thanks for adding the option to click and click again, as dragging is more difficult to him as well

[22:53] <dimsuz> i started to looking at ksokoban code... and again it would be simpler for me to rewrite it.... it has some strange bitwise shifts all over the code etc etc :)

[22:53] <tsdgeos> it-s: so they can't make fun out of a doll ;-)

[22:53] <it-s> by the way I'll be making a doll dressup theme for girls and superhero bor boys (boys like dressup games too)

[22:53] <tsdgeos> piacentini: agree, but i don't expect children to start the computer and ktuberling

[22:53] <tsdgeos> so there's a "grown up" around for doing these tasks

[22:54] <piacentini> true :) anyway it is minor, can be a 4.1 thing depending on user feedback

[22:55] <piacentini> so we are basically done with the meeting? and free for more chatting?

[22:55] <johannol> i'd like to talk about englishbreakfast

[22:55] <nicolas030> I have a newbee question: I wrote a small tutorial for KBlackBox as suggested las month but I'm not a english native speaker, so is there a review process to improve the text quality?

[22:55] <piacentini> so continue!

[22:56] <johannol> we could ask some english help on planet for example

[22:56] <johannol> http://www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org/krazy/?component=kde-4.0

[22:56] <dimsuz> nicolas030: iirc Ian Wadham always said he would gladly help with such kind tasks

[22:56] <milliams> nicolas030: [email protected] or something I think

[22:56] <dimsuz> piacentini: you said that to whom? :) I lost :)

[22:56] <johannol> there are 528 issues, most on copyright

[22:56] <milliams> [email protected] sorry

[22:57] <nicolas030> OK, so I'll ask Ian Wadham or [email protected] ... Thanks for the answers.

[22:57] <piacentini> dimsuz: I think it was a comment regarding ktuberling.

[22:57] <nicolas030> 257 issues because of libksirtet...

[22:58] <nicolas030> (about the half of all issues)

[22:58] <dimsuz> piacentini: ok

[22:58] <johannol> is it a crazy idea to try to be the 1st project to have 0 issue, and publicize it after?

[22:58] <piacentini> nicolas030: a simple rewrite is looking very tempting :)

[22:58] <johannol> most games have 0 issues

[22:59] <piacentini> johannol: it should definately be a goal for some beta milestone

[22:59] <nicolas030> piacentini: Yes. (But most issues are copyright issues, as Johann pointed out)

[22:59] <piacentini> maybe the 25 jul one

[22:59] <it-s> sorry, but what does it mean: *copyright issue*?

[23:00] <johannol> missing autor on some files

[23:00] <johannol> for example

[23:00] <milliams> Some are simply formatted incorrectly so EBN complains

[23:00] <CIA-25> capriotti * r670522 kbattleship/trunk/KDE/kdegames/kbattleship/src/ (button.cpp gamechooser.cpp gamechooser.h main.cpp): Added missing copyright and licence information

[23:00] <pcapriotti> :)

[23:00] <it-s> I see, I thought that MS is gona go after us :D

[23:01] <johannol> ok, one 0 issue game more ;)

[23:01] <piacentini> I want to ask about plasmoids as well, where is the best channel?

[23:02] <dimsuz> piacentini: #plasma

[23:02] <johannol> #plasma

[23:02] <piacentini> pcapriotti you talked about a kollision plasmoid, interesting. How can I test it?

[23:02] <pcapriotti> piacentini: ssh mycomputer, maybe :)

[23:02] <piacentini> lol

[23:02] <piacentini> maybe during akademy the

[23:02] <piacentini> then

[23:03] <pcapriotti> no, I think earlier :) I have to fix a couple of things in kgc, first :)

[23:03] <pcapriotti> then I'll submit it, if plasma people will let it live in their directory

[23:03] <piacentini> what is the plasma directory btw?

[23:03] <-- redsh has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).

[23:03] <pcapriotti> kdebase/workspace/plasma/

[23:03] <milliams> piacentini: kdebase/workspace/plasma

[23:04] <milliams> http://englishbreakfastnetwork.org/apidocs/apidox-kde-4.0/kdebase-apidocs/workspace/plasma/html/index.html for API docs

[23:04] <piacentini> oh, kdebase. I thought it was kdelibs, that is why. Will update my kdebase stuff

[23:04] <pcapriotti> btw doing that stuff was very simple: i've just cloned the clock example, then morphed it until it became kollision :)

[23:05] <it-s> you guys know if "plasma" going to be ready by 4.0?

[23:05] <johannol> piacentini: some part of plasma should be in kdelibs in the futur (4.1...) as aaron said

[23:05] <piacentini> pcapriotti: is it scripting, or C++?

[23:05] <pcapriotti> c++

[23:05] <pinotree> johannol: again?

[23:05] <johannol> yes. but kdebase for now (4.0)

[23:05] <pinotree> the current kpanelapplet class (kde3) is in kdelibs, and was one of the first things being "kicked out" of kdelibs

[23:05] <piacentini> pcapriotti: because maybe if we are really going to rewrite ksirtet, we could do it in a way that it runs single player in plasma as well

[23:06] <piacentini> that is something to consider for the akademy sprint, at least it makes sense to me

[23:06] <johannol> but this is a moving idea, i won't risk my life on it with an english bookmaker

[23:06] <pcapriotti> piacentini: if the main canvas is a qgv, the transition is very simple

[23:07] <piacentini> and if it is a kgc, maybe with your adapter?

[23:07] <pcapriotti> piacentini: yes, that's what I've used for kollision

[23:07] <piacentini> k, just something to keep in mind for the next few weeks, while plasma matures and this idea takes shape

[23:08] <piacentini> and we decide at akademy, with nicolas and everyone interested

[23:09] <piacentini> forgive my ignorance about it, but will plasma applets run in win/osx?

[23:09] <milliams> piacentini: no

[23:10] <piacentini> I see, they depend on the panel stuff to host them, right?

[23:10] <milliams> piacentini: Yeah, it's going to be integrated with the desktop and will be fairly X-dependent

[23:10] <dimsuz> I think they depend on workspace stuff

[23:11] <milliams> Each applet sits inside the QGV that is the plasma desktop or panel

[23:11] <pcapriotti> milliams: is it really impossible to make it portable?

[23:11] <milliams> pcapriotti: No, probably not but we're not going to port all of workspace to windows.

[23:11] <piacentini> k, so we will have to keep our kdegames versions anyway. It could be interesting maybe as a proof of concept of eye candy if we can wrap some simpler games into plasmoids, though

[23:11] <milliams> pcapriotti: We're gonna keep that goodness for Unix

[23:12] <pcapriotti> eheh :)

[23:12] --> kde4 has joined this channel ([email protected]).

[23:12] <-- kde4 has left this channel ("Konversation terminated!").

[23:12] <piacentini> But we will have to see how the whole concept will evolve. I am personally not really into these widget things, never really used Dashboard on my Mac, or Konfabulator.

[23:12] <it-s> why go windows anyway? thay got thair own games (a lot)

[23:12] <johannol> finally, kde4 was aldeady here :)

[23:13] <nicolas030> :)

[23:13] <it-s> yay I saw him too :D

[23:13] --> kleag has joined this channel ([email protected]).

[23:13] <piacentini> seriously, is boost now a kde4 requirement?

[23:13] <pcapriotti> is it?

[23:13] <piacentini> requirements keep piling up for simple stuff. It seems to be required for kdepimlibs

[23:14] <johannol> at least to compile kdepimlib it seems

[23:14] <dimsuz> i think it's still under discussion

[23:14] <pcapriotti> I like this :) boost is _really_ useful for a lot of stuff

[23:14] <piacentini> well, in my setup it does not want to build without it :)

[23:14] <milliams> For now it's a dependency, yes.

[23:14] <milliams> But it _may_ change

[23:15] <piacentini> well, if you say so :) there are already hundreds of dependancies, one more ...

[23:16] <it-s> Ok, I have to go now. See you all online (hopefully next time from my trusty laptop and Linux)

[23:16] <milliams> in this age of RPM/deb, it hardly matters :)

[23:16] <johannol> ok, bye it-s

[23:16] <milliams> it-s: see ya

[23:16] <-- it-s has left this channel.

[23:16] <piacentini> next meeting will be done live from akademy :?

[23:16] <milliams> piacentini: I guess so

[23:17] <johannol> lol

[23:17] <johannol> maybe we'll can

[23:17] <johannol> with some picture ;)

[23:22] <piacentini> so, 4 minutes without a message, meeting officially ended :)

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